Brutally Honest Monday: The one where we go both ways

Jun 09, 2008

Sometimes Brutally Honest Monday is about me asking for your advice, asking for your brutally honest opinion, asking for the truth. Sometimes it’s about me being Brutally Honest with you, opening up a bit, digging a little deeper.

This week, we’ll do both.

First, the easy part. You like the new digs? Now, be honest here. I’ve learned to take criticism in the blog design work a lot better. I’ve pushed myself to higher limits and better quality because of criticism. It’s not fun or easy to be critiqued, but I’m learning it’s ok. I’m learning that you still like me as a person, even if the work is.. well, off a pixel or ten.


I will also be honest with you now. I know I’m always honest with you in a “I’m telling the Entire Internet” kind of a way. (And by Entire, I mean all 300 of you, which frankly, is about the size of my graduating class and while it’s not really anything to write home about .. “Look, Ma! I gots Readers!” it’s hardly anything to get too comfy over with the information that is shared, if that makes any sense to anyone else who is not up ten hours past their bedtime and can add a period to a goddamn sentence anytime soon. There. Breath.)

I can honestly tell you that I am happy with my days while simultaneously being livid at our fraking godforsaken freezing weather. I’m excited to get to work on projects that I adore and clients I love while simultaneously feeling guilt and dread and sadness over leaving my children each time. I can honestly tell you that while I’m thrilled we bought a house, I’m terrified because of our financial situation and that while I’m thankful for my job and the amazing things that come with said job (a savings account) I’m awake at night wondering about the market.

And, if I’m being honest, I want my kids to just go-to-school-already-so-I-can-shower-alone and I don’t want them to ever change.

And the dichotomy continues.

I guess that’s what you’ll get here. A little bit of everything. One day I’ll love working and the next I’ll curse missing a trip to IKEA with my friends. One day I’ll count the minutes until bed time and others I’ll wonder where the day went. Some days I’ll find the strength to write and others I’ll post a photo. Or nothing at all. Some days I’ll remember to hit the publish on the comment button on your website and others I’ll smile and nod and agree with you silently and still others I’ll wish I had more time for everything.

And all of it’s ok because it’s me. And it’s honest. Brutally. Totally. Honest.

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(After you go check out mah girl Laura choosing sun glasses. These are dire times, people. Help a girl out.)

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  1. Hello there, Mrs. Flinger! I love the design, although I think your name could be bigger.  Was it cursive before?  I feel   like it was flingerrrrrrrrrrrrr!  The first post I ever read here was hilarious and I remember thinking it went well with your header font.  Just saying.  Ha.

    By Ashley on 2008 06 09

  2. I LOVE the colors and polka dots, and the header image is super cute, but it seems small.  Like, it seems overpowered by the stuff in the right column, since it’s not as wide.

    By Jen on 2008 06 09

  3. I like it.  It is happy.  If you were to change anything I would make the graphic with your name bigger.  But so many blogs lack white space which yours has which is pleasant to see.

    By HRH on 2008 06 09

  4. i like it, especially the little birdy.

    By Wacky Mommy on 2008 06 09

  5. I love your site and design!  It simple and elegant and just perfect…if you’re asking!

    By Shelle on 2008 06 09

  6. it is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! (although I do agree that your name could be a tad bigger, and maybe in lights, but that might just be me because I am your biggest fan)

    By MommasTantrum on 2008 06 09

  7. I like the size of the header but I feel like the graphic and your name should be bigger. What if you moved your Tweets over to the right and put the search under your BlogHer ads?

    By annika on 2008 06 09

  8. I love your stuff too. And I totally go both ways in that department also.

    By Renee on 2008 06 09

  9. I don’t know what the technical term for this is, but it’s all scrunched up at the top.  Otherwise, I LURVE IT!

    By songsinblue on 2008 06 09

  10. The only mishap is your menu is overlaying your search box.  I do love the new design. The UI is clean crisp and void of clutter.  And it loads supah fast too.  Bonus.

    Or as we like to say in our field, bonus++.

    Oh and I hear ya on the job market.  I think about 40% of my comp sci friends have had their job outsourced in the last 2-3 years.  *le sigh*

    By MamaGeek on 2008 06 09

  11. Beautiful. I love the colors. I love it all. Even the bird (though I prefer the bluebird of happiness, for future reference)

    Now, I don’t want you to think you have the lease on changing your mind. If you were the only person who finds it difficult to be 100% happy 100% of the time, I don’t believe there would be so many different kinds of antidepressants at our fingertips.

    We all have to remind ourselves of the good in our lives…and personally I cycle through it. Right now I am in the cycle where my husband asks me” Why don’t you smile anymore?” Do I tell him I am up to my ears in bickering piglets and shite-filled diapers and that a frontal labotomy is sounding kinda good right now? I dunno. Ask me tomorrow.

    By Texasbelle on 2008 06 09

  12. I love the new digs.  It is my favorite to date.  The layout is especially appealing since I can now read your titles again. grin

    By MariaV on 2008 06 09

  13. dark text on white backgrounds make me smile smile

    By ali on 2008 06 09

  14. this is beautiful site… I really like it, especially the some of the people I Read widget… may I know it and place it on my blog?

    By OLIN on 2008 06 10

  15. Dude you changed everything! WOOOH. I wish I could say I was computer smart enough to have my own site. But no…lol.

    By sister flinger on 2008 06 10

  16. I think it looks awesome. Then again it always looks awesome. I wish I was computer smarticle like you so I could actually change something on my blog. I’ve had the same look for 3 year.

    By Rachael on 2008 06 10

  17. Love the new look!

    By Kate on 2008 06 10

  18. I totally go both ways too.  I mean in the whole mom sense, not the other way.

    By Lori on 2008 06 11