Can A Family Of Four Eat Whole Organic Food Without Going To The Grocery Store?

Nov 08, 2010


That’s our goal.

For the past three months we’ve primarily gone to Farmer’s Markets for our vegetables and fruits. This past weekend, I signed us up for fresh organic milk and dairy delivery. I’m also getting us ready for the CSA Box from Full Cirlcle Farms. With Bill the Butcher’s Organic Meat down the street, I’m nearly ready to say good-bye to traditional American grocery stores.

This is a process that has been in the works for six months now. And we’re almost ready.

I originally wanted to blog about our transition away from all packaged foods, processed cheeses/meats/snacks. But I noticed it was such a gradual change, it was difficult to document. One week I’d make our own granola bars to see if it was possible to get healthy snacks for the children from home. I’d experiment with drying fruits to see if I can get away from fruit leather at the store. I’d bake bread, fail, and bake another loaf.

We’re set up to have most of our food delivered straight from the farms, literally within 20 miles of our home, and meat sold down the street from local farmers. It’s been a process. But there is one more step in the process we’re still preparing for.

Our own fresh garden.

Throughout the winter we’re learning when to plant, till and harvest. We’re studying how to best prepare our garden beds. The goal is, by next summer, to suppliment our CSA box and farmer’s market trips with our own vegetables. Eventually, we’ll supply our own.

My goal now is to blog my own experiment: Can we, a family of four, eat fresh organic, whole foods without a grocery store and can we do it for under 800 dollars a month?

Follow along.

When you’re ready to begin the process, I’d like to offer a few documentaries and books to start with. Some of these are available on Netflix for streaming. Some are books you can check out of the library. You don’t have to break the bank to make wise choices, but I urge you to begin somewhere. Even if it’s whole oats instead of instant for breakfast. Trust me, every step counts.

Two of the latest inspiring and informational resources:

*Available at Netflix Streaming

FoodMatters Recipe

*Next up: An experiment. The subject? Me. Inspired by Enlighten Up! Documentary. (Also available at Netflix streaming)


  1. Your journey sounds much like mine.  i hardly darken the door of a grocery store anymore, although ironically I did just visit one this morning.  I didn’t leave the produce or organic section and was thinking how weird it was not to venture into the rest of the store.

    I am eager to follow along on your journey!  I still take advantage of packaged foods, usually organic, for some things.  I’ve never gardened, but it is our goal to have a small one next summer and hopefully increase it with each passing year.

    By Musings of a Housewife on 2010 11 08

  2. MoHW, amen! I thought that, too. I rarely leave the organic sections and usually end up leaving without much food because I can’t find what I want. I’ll find out what to garden. We’re such newbies growing our own food but it’s always been a goal. smile

    One question I already got was “Where will you buy your beer?” and I actually have an answer for this.

    I’ve decided that instead of bottled beer, I’m going to splurge when I want a beer and get one from one of the breweries. They’re renowned beers, they offer growlers (take home liters) and I’d rather have quality over quantity. This also controls drinking and still gives us the “yum” factor with the beer.


    By Mrs. Flinger on 2010 11 08

  3. But… but… Where do you get your Diet Coke, then?

    By cindy w on 2010 11 08

  4. Good for you! What other choice is there? We will slowly figure it out too. Looking forward to your continued “documentation” because I need all the help I can get!

    By joannbc on 2010 11 08

  5. We planted our first garden this year and it was amazing. We had some flops (corn and carrots) but some huge successes (tomatoes out the wazoo, the best snap peas I have ever eaten, and fantastic lettuce). Can’t wait to try again next year and see what we grow.

    By Brigid on 2010 11 08

  6. I think we’re on the same journey - it’s nice to read about others on the same road.  We had a small garden this year, and are moving slowly away from packaged foods.  Not entirely off them yet, but getting there.  Buying and eating a lot less meat so that the budget can allow for organic/free range from a local farmer, and I think we’ll be sharing a CSA subscription this coming year with another couple to supplement the garden.  It’s been good so far.  And I always doubted the folks who said that organic freerange chickens could taste different., but they do!  Love it.

    By Jessica on 2010 11 20