Chicks, Bunny Ears and Sugar. (This is not about the playboy mansion.)

Apr 27, 2011

Like last year, the year before that, and the year prior to that and so on, it rained on Easter here.


I did manage to click some pretty terrible photos with my iPhone for you.

You’re welcome.

Behold! The creepiest bunny in the history of all bunnies!

Creepy Bunny

As we prepared to set out the goods for the children the night before Easter, we discovered some mice pellets in our pantry. Let me rephrase that, WE FOUND OUT WE HAVE MICE IN OUR PANTRY. As in EATING OUR FOOD.

Easter mice: Trumps creepy bunny.

Instead of leaving the candy and goodies on the table for the children, we decided (in a quick act of awesome by yours truly) to write a little riddle and have the children hunt for their Easter Basket Innards. Brilliant, right? (nod yes.)

I wrote the following, clever, did I mention awesom, riddle:

“If you were hot
And looked like gold
You might hide
In someplace cold.”

Oh, how clever I am. CLEVER I SAY. So we hid the stuff in the fridge. That’s all “making lemons from mice pellets” or something. I was oh so proud of myself.

I even signed it “From T.E. Bunny.”

T.E. Get it? T(he) E(aster) Bunny?

Clever, dangit!

I tell you, though, the apple does not fall from the overly-prideful tree. The minute my 6 year old read the note she runs to the fridge, opens it up and exclaims:


Actually, I don’t remember what she said but I think it was pretty condescending coming from a 6 year old who failed to even notice the awesome cleverness of her clever clever mother. Or Bunny.  Whatever.

In tradition, we hunted for eggs in the rain.

The secret is to run REALLY REALLY FAST and the rain can’t catch you.

My children are masters at this.

(See from 2009)

In another tradition, there was the mandatory egg shot with the siblings.

See circa 1985:

And now: Circa 2008.

All together now? Ahhhhh.

May your week continue to be filled with chocolate and sun.

And then invite me over.


  1. You’re invited anytime.

    By Sara on 2011 04 27

  2. That’s so funny. It looks like your son is saying,“I’m gonna take all of your eggs later.”

    By Candi on 2011 04 27

  3. Candi, he totally did. AND ate all the chocolate. Also: it snowed here today. I might die.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2011 04 27

  4. Teh cuteness.

    By Al_Pal on 2011 04 28

  5. I think I may have worn that same outfit.  NO!  NOT the creepy Easter Bunny’s.  The once circa 1985, although I was in my late teens (OH, alright, 21) at the time.  Glad THAT decade is over!!!

    By Liz on 2011 04 28

  6. You’re invited any time, lady.

    By Angella on 2011 04 28

  7. Oh my goodness your kids are adorable!

    By Sheila on 2011 04 28