(Christmas in July.. er.. November *UPDATED*

Nov 15, 2005

#Good News

Alright. Weigh in. Are you strictly a “not until after Thanksgiving” type of person? ‘Cause I have to tell you, I’m listening to Holiday Music starting now. The way *I* see it this year.. to quote myself, “Bring on the damn holiday cheer.”

So there.  (So y’all know, I’m totally laughing WITH you now.. so, really.. feel free to shoot me down here..)

(I am, quite literally, forcing my students to listen to Christmas Music during their excel quiz. Muhahahahaha. Festive Proff, maybe, evil Christian/Christmas pusher, no no. But damn it! I’m making the Yule Tide Gay!)


  1. For some reason I was singing the 12 Days of Christmas in the shower last week.  I haven’t sung that in years and it was kinda random Feel free to laugh in my direction.

    By lanna on 2005 11 15

  2. Yea, see?? Feels good to sign Christmas songs early. Screw them Bah Humbug types.  raspberry

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 11 15

  3. I meant SING, not SIGN. Oppps. Unless, of course, you are fluent in Sign Language, which maybe you are, and in that case you can sign Christmas songs early, too. Holy cow,  is it possible to comment hijack your own website? Jeeesh…

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 11 15

  4. Well, when I was singing I was thinking “what the hell is going on?”
    I totally OD’d on holiday songs back when I worked retail (96-02). The musak was on a 4 hour loop and started part-time Christmas songs in mid-October and went full-time a week or two before Thanksgiving.  There was one time I worked 10pm-6am then came back from noon-6pm on Christmas Eve.  When it’s 4am you really get into the music, especially when you’re the only one in the entire front of the store and you’re reading romance novels to pass the time.  At least I made our customers giggle during that second shift because I was so loopy and was humming along the entire time.
    Anyway, no, no sign language here.
    Uh, it’s your website.  I think you’re allowed to hijack all you want.

    By lanna on 2005 11 15

  5. Go right ahead and listen to all the Christmas music you want!  I have no rules when it comes to this matter.  If I’m in the mood, I’ll listen to it.  I haven’t broken out the CDs yet, but I have caught myself humming a tune or two.  I do draw the line at not breaking out the Christmas decorations until after turkey day though.

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2005 11 15

  6. ROFLMAO! I didn’t see this post until just now (5p.m. my time)  And no, I do not take you seriously when you bash my humbug post. ;P Sheebus…

    By Erin on 2005 11 15

  7. I’m a wait-until after Thanksgiving gal, but I do start perusing the holiday aisles at Target about now.  I am not ready to hear Christmas music yet.  I did catch myself singing Raffi’s “Must Be Santa” weeks ago…

    By Amy_M on 2005 11 15

  8. I’m a wait until AFTER Thanksgiving gal myself!  They sure started early this year- it wasn’t even Halloween and there was Christmas stuff out.  That’s pushing it!  I never could get into having a Christmas tree at Thanksgiving… Just doesn’t seem right!  As for presents, I end up buying those year round as it is easier to pick something up when I see it, than to shop all at once and not find the right sort of things.

    By Holly on 2005 11 15

  9. I’m totally the “let’s pretend it’s not Christmas time” until the WEEK OF CHRISTMAS. I just always feel that people drag it out too long, it loses it’s fun.

    By candice on 2005 11 15

  10. I don’t think you should make the Yules gay, after all, how would they reproduce and make baby Yules?

    By RB on 2005 11 15

  11. Erin, you have to know, I was getting a TON of crap today for playing Christmas music for them. So, I was tellin’ them “Screw you! I’m feeling FESTIVE!”  LOL

    At least y’all are willing to confess to gettin’ ready. I swear a bunch o’ people in my class are the Grinch. Hrmph.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 11 15

  12. I sing Christmas tunes year round, but I try to not put in the music until Thanksgiving.  I would love to be in your class and hear the Christmas music.  I am sure I would sing it out loud!

    By traci on 2005 11 15

  13. And I think I would have to fail you. tongue laugh

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 11 15

  14. Just don’t go carolling.  (sp? i give up).  i hate that shit.  sorry, but standing outside my door while singing to me, as i stare and feel like a complete idiot is not my idea of a good time.  nor do i want to go door to door and make other people feel uncomfortable while having to endure my Christmas cheer-o-gram.


    By Little Miss on 2005 11 15

  15. I used to sing Christmas songs year round on the walk home from school. My sister stopped walking home with me… Of course that could have something to do with her SNEEZING on me thus justifying my punching her in the stomach to get rid of her hiccups… but, nah, it was the Christmas songs tongue wink

    By Sarah on 2005 11 15

  16. We just got our stockings yesterday (OMG I HEART THEM), and I want to decorate already. I mean Thanksgiving IS next week, it would just be 1 week earlier then normal. G is such a party pooper.

    Reproduce to make a baby yule? JL you CRACK me up! - They could just adopt baby yule.

    By Nicole on 2005 11 16

  17. December first is when My Christmas starts. Canadian Thanksgiving is early October and that just WAY too early. Tree goes up 2 weeks before Christmas and comes down Jan1st.

    By Mygirlsma on 2005 11 16