Convergence Zones: The New Hell

Feb 28, 2007

#Rants and Raves

In case you’re wondering, it does freeze in Hell. I thought I’d settle that up front with you. It does. And it does often.


I realize some of you enjoy the snow. I realize you love to cozy up with hot cocoa and sit and watch movies. I realize you enjoy going out in it to play and romp and you revel in the sound of “Whhoooossshhh” as it glides out of the sky to lightly land on the ground below. I get it. I, do. It’s beautiful. It makes everything bright and peaceful.

It scares the living shit out of me.

I know, I know, this sounds familiar. It’s just that when there’s an inch or more on the ground, I freak. We turn around. We go home. Today I slid each time I would try to break and watched trucks fishtail down the hill by our home. Really? I’m not a thrill seeker. (Anymore) So, I take my screaming toddler home and bribe her with play-dough and paint. “I know you want to go to the Jump Park, Sweetie, but how about some paint? And chocolate milk? And a pony?” It’s what any good parent would do, really.  Bribes! Sugar! False hopes! Don’t beat yourself up. I’m sure you would’ve done the same. Go easy on yourself.

So we’ll be here, again, like we were all last week. The two of us. These same four walls. The same toys and movies. The same nap-less frenzy. The same work to ignore. The same. The. Same.

Which is why you’ll forgive me if I don’t go joyously streaking down the block naked in the glorious snow. Or even in boots and a heavy coat. Unless you count grumpily following my child around the block snapping pictures and cussing. Then, yes, I guess I do love it here.


  1. I feel your pain. I like the way snow and ice looks, but I sit by the window worrying and waiting for people to make it home safely.  You’re not the only worry wart out there, trust me.

    By Emily on 2007 02 28

  2. I stay home when it’s like that too.  Sounds like you need Starbucks delivery by sled!

    Tivo some Curious George on PBS….LB will love it (and it actually has some science/math content!)

    By Amy M on 2007 02 28

  3. We all want what we don’t have. human nature RULEZ. Me? I want a pony.

    By texasbelle on 2007 02 28

  4. So glad I live in the South. So glad.

    Of course if it flurries here people go batshit and buy all the toilet paper and beer in stock.

    By Jamie on 2007 02 28

  5. We’ve had over 61 days of snow on the ground - a record. The last time this happened was 1913.

    But finally our two feet plus (in some place four foot drifts have melted). And it’s snowing again.

    Damn. I’m moving to your house.

    By Anne-Marie on 2007 02 28

  6. I am so glad we are out of the “convergence zone” of Idaho that was 5 months of freezing and snow!  It was a balmy 73 here and the daffodils are blooming! 

    I’m not trying to brag!  I feel your pain.  Cold and snow and more snow is not all that much fun.  Maybe you should come visit this way!

    By Holly on 2007 02 28

  7. Ya know?  I’m a big-time snow person, as in I really love to snowboard, however, this year, it aint happenin!  So…I’m ready for it to up an melt already too. Warmth is my friend…and it’s also closer to my due date! wink

    By sarahgrace on 2007 02 28

  8. At least you can stay home.  I’ve got crap I need to do.  Like dropping off a boatload of stuff to a consignment sale (in 6-8 inches of current snow, with two kids).  And the bank, and grocery shopping.  I wish we had more drive-throughs sometimes.  Anyway, yeah, the snow needs to give us a break.

    By Lanna on 2007 03 01

  9. I HATE winter.  We’ve had a mild one this year, but I am so tired of it already.

    Hang in there!

    By mdvelazquez on 2007 03 01

  10. Ooooh! I was just thinking of you. I saw a pic of a big pileup on I-90 (?) south of you…  maybe from a link on MSN.

    It’s so hard being cooped up… 

    Maybe you can velcro LB to the wall so you can nap?

    By Marie on 2007 03 01

  11. Yea, that big pile up was insane. Not really near us, more in the mountain pass where people tend to get stupid from the altitude, I think, but still. We woke up to about four inches. Most people? Had NOTHING. Good lord. I think it settles over our little house here and dumps. tongue laugh

    Isn’t it, like, March or something?

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2007 03 01

  12. Ha, I would like to thank you and your convergence zone for sending not just 1 snow storm, but 2 storms in the past week) one of which is currently dropping 20” + on my front yard after giving me 14”+ on Sunday.

    I am LOVING it. Seriously! Bonus we got to leave work today at 12 and hopefully won’t have to go tomorrow. Now THIS is the winter I remember as a kid!!

    Although it’s not good for sledding, it’s a little deep. And hard to walk through when it’s up to your thighs. But HEY! My butt hurts from all those muscles trying to walk through it!

    By Nicole on 2007 03 01

  13. Snow also scares the shit out of me. Maybe because i’m just totally unfamiliar with it and its possible effects. I’m going to have to spend forever here down south.

    By Renee on 2007 03 02