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Jul 16, 2010

Perfect hardboiled eggs

Put (*cough* fresh) eggs in pan, add cold water to an inch above them.
Bring to water to a gentle boil and keep that going for ONE MINUTE ONLY.
Turn heat off and cover your pot for SIX MINUTES ONLY.
Plunge eggs into ice cold water, repeat when water heats up from eggs.

The yolk should not be grey on the outside. The inner core of the yolk should be slightly darker and moister than the outside. That my friends is a delectable hardboiled egg.

*I have tried vingar in the boiling water to make hardboiled eggs peel better, I have never noticed a difference. The ease of peeling an egg seems to be how old the egg is, we use very fresh eggs so they are always a nightmare to peel.
If your experience differs, do tell. I love me some easy to peel hardboiled eggs, but not enough to buy them at the grocery store.

**If you live at a higher elevation you need to increase this time…to what I don’t know. I’m so helpful.


  1. Add a good bit of salt to the water and it will help to peel even those fresh eggs.

    By Laura on 2010 07 17

  2. I always do the plunging in to cold water. They peel SO MUCH EASIER. But I’ll be sure to add the salt, Laura. smile

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2010 07 20