EECI Wrap up with Slides

Travel Women in Technology

It was a quest of mine to have the new version (vs 9.11) of this website done before I posted my slides. My plan was to integrate HTML5, CSS3 and some Major (echo: MAJOR MAJOR) Cool (echo: COOL COOL) Scripts! (echo: SCRIPTS SCRIPTS).

Instead you just get my slides. Bah.

The intent of my talk was to focus on those people who administer the websites we build. So much of our time/energy is focused on the front-end development and user strategy but how often do we go through the same process on the back-end? Our administrators often want a site that’s easy to manage, easy to update and even easier to train other people on. We use ExpressionEngine for that very reason: It gives us a flexible tool to build a site around and an easy management area for our clients to take over. And while EE is great at what it does, it can be overly robust, and thus intimidating, for some of our more inexperienced users.

I presented four real-world experiences in which I’ve utilized add-ons to make the back-end more user-friendly while solving some difficult requests. The end result is a happy client and a fantastic frame of knowledge to continue building upon for those strange requests of “Can We Just….”

I hope you enjoy the presentation in PDF format. If you’d like to see the entire workshop as well as the conference, you can purchase the DVD for sale here.


Aside from the wonderful feedback I got from my audience, the relationships I got to solidify in person, and the community I get to be part of, one of my all time favorite parts of EECI was the amazing, fantastic, overwhelming welcome as part of the staff of EllisLab. People cheered and tweeted and hugged me so much I couldn’t help but feel like my family just grew to 200 people or more. And bygod not ONE of them needed a diaper change.


*me ‘n my new co-worker Greg Aker who is awesome.

The people responsible for the vision of EECI can never be replaced. I, personally, know Robert Eearhart to be a fantastic, talented, and amazing man ready to work to the death for the cause of community. As the new community architect for EllisLab, I have a large task to live up to.

There are so many more words, so many more stories, so many more experiences but you’ll just have to join us to fully understand. There’s something about this place that feels like home. I hope you’ll join us one day. Next up? Leiden.