Excuse me while I go all soft on your ass

Mar 31, 2008

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I composed this letter to my children while I watched them today. It’s a rough draft, something I’ll re-write for years and years, but for now, a little weepy/emotional/slightly irrational and disgusting “Dear God Bring On The Dot Soon” post. (The “dot” brought to you by my good friend Karen who made me nose air when I heard it. Oh, Nose Air? That thing you do when you’re IMing someone and not really laughing but giggle through your nose, affectionately coined by MIchelle and I. Now, where was I?)...

To My Children,

I won’t apologize for talking a little too loudly, for disciplining you a little too often, for making you turn off the TV. I will keep dancing with you in the living room until we’re sweaty and breathing hard. I will continue asking for a snuggle and then asking for another. I will laugh with you in the bath when your hair stands straight up in soap and I will sigh a deep love sigh when I see you sleeping on your dad.

And one day, when time seems to stand still in the long long weeks, days, hours before your first born is here, I hope you remember those things and not the times I lost my shit.

But know it’s ok to lose your shit.

And then remember why you had children in the first place.

And know you are loved by your old crazy mother who could never say it enough but means it more than you know.



  1. Oh, this is making my heart into a gooey, mushy pile.

    By Loralee on 2008 03 31

  2. Ditto, Ditto, Ditto! 

    Such truth, especially the part about losing your shit.  Not literally of course. smile

    By Traci on 2008 04 01

  3. Beautiful!

    That photo is precious too.

    By mdvelazquez on 2008 04 01

  4. aww, very sweet!

    it’s nice when we have those mushy moments..you know, to remind us that we really do love them! smile

    By shaz on 2008 04 01

  5. Sing it SISTAH!
    This was so sweet, and those kiddos are so gorgeous!
    Have some chocolate mama grin

    By rachel on 2008 04 01

  6. Ha - so true, and so plain and simple.  Good combo!  I think it will be fun to see how your letter changes over the years.  Be sure to keep the old copies for yourself…  smile

    P.S.  Bethany has those same jammies as LB!  She’s such a cutie pie… and I have to SMUNCH on Baby O, he is delectable!

    By Katie Kat on 2008 04 01

  7. Very sweet Flinger! And sooooooo true.

    By themommykelly on 2008 04 01

  8. Seriously, look at those cutie pies. Yay for counting our blessings.

    By supermama on 2008 04 01

  9. This is something that I adore!! I think that I may need to start a book for Toddler so that when he is grown up and has kids that he will know how much I love him. (Plus all the crazy things that mommy was thinking when he was growing and growing.)

    Those two are BEAUTIFUL…do you loan them out for those of us that have just one? You know so we can get our fill of maniac-ness and all along with the cuteness…LOL

    I love how good they are together.

    By Faith on 2008 04 01

  10. That about sums it up perfectly!
    I hope to God my kids remember the good times and not the times I lost my shit too.
    Great letter!

    By LifeAsIKnowIt on 2008 04 01

  11. Excellent Flinger. Just excellent.

    By Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants on 2008 04 01

  12. Great letter!  I was going through my day as I read this…boy, I was crabby today!

    I loved it!

    By Amy on 2008 04 01

  13. That is the best picture ever! So sweet.

    By Jamie on 2008 04 01

  14. Already done.. every Sunday after church I sit down and write what we did in the last week in a big A4 diary, stick in any pictures they painted in kindegarten and note down what they did during the week and how it made me feel… angry, upset, happy, moved, emotional or whatever. I explain why it made me angry or happy too. One day when they are older (or perhaps on their wedding day) I’ll present them with the books and say “Here you go Son, read this and learn, I love you”. Hopefully it’ll be better than any parenting guide and will give them an insight into their upbringing.

    I want my children to remember me as the 26 year old man who helped bring them into this world not the 60 year old grouch complaining that salt n’ vinegar crisps aren’t like they used to be lol.

    I’ve told my wife I’m doing this and have been since they were borm but to my kids (6 and 3 years old) it is a secret and one I hope to keep until I (we) decide they are old enough.

    My grandfather died before I knew him and I wish he had done something lke this, as it is all I have from him are some photos, a few scraps of cine film and a few journal entries. I urge all of you who want to preseve a memory to consider doing what I am. It protects a piece of you and keeps it for your children and theirs too. Imagine what it would be like to actually show a grandchild what YOUR mother or father wrote about you when you were their age, to show them something they drew for you, to let them know what you were listening to on xxxxx date when you were relaxing because grandma had taken your dad for a walk, describing where you lived and where they might now live from YOUR point of view, describing where you went and what you did… the possibilities are endless. Do it for your children, it just takes 15 minutes of your time.. and if nothing else comes of it you will leave behind a treasure for the future.

    By Milander on 2008 04 01

  15. I totally need to do that same thing. I still havn’t. arg.
    PS..I want that pic of your kids! Email me how to get the originals!!

    By sister flinger on 2008 04 01

  16. Very sweet.  And that pic is precious!

    By Holly on 2008 04 03