Facebook, you’re forgiven

Whatever issues I’ve had with facebook, and I have, are gone today. Suddenly today I saw the most amazing use of facebook and I’m thankful over and over for it.

I’ve mentioned my friend Amy who’s breast cancer took us from her family and friends entirely too early. It hit home too close and too hard for me. It was hard.

I was unable to make it to her memorial here in town. I was sad for that fact but I forgave myself because I knew I would’ve lost my shit if I’d gone. I mean The Big Ugly Crying.

But the community that Amy created around herself and those who knew her is a wonderful one and I did miss out on celebrating Amy’s life with them. Until today.

Today I went to her Facebook page just because I was thinking of her. Today I realized a lot of people are going to Amy’s facebook page because they are thinking of her. They are talking to her, leaving her notes, telling her about her children and about daily life and sharing stories of love and comfort and remembering.

Today I hugged my daughter and son a bit tighter because of facebook.

Today I remembered a great friend because of facebook.

Today I realized how we touch people in the world beyond what we even comprehend because of facebook.

I hope it’s ok that I share this story, it’s the one that touched me the most from her page. A friend shares, “Your baby girls misses you today Amy. She was tearfully talking about you today. But don’t worry, R came up to her and said “Don’t be sad, your mama will always be in your heart.” and then gave Maddy a big hug and kiss. After R was done Maddy told her she needed another hug and she laid her head on R’s shoulder and cried a little bit more. R patted her and stroked her cheek and then they sat together holding hands for a while. Your daughter is such a wonderful little girl. And I love to see our girls supporting eachother when they need it. And don’t worry, I cuddled both of them until the smiles returned.”

Today I forgave facebook. Because I needed to read this. As do so many more.


*I changed the little girl’s name because I don’t know how they would feel about publishing it. I know Amy has written openly here on my blog about Maddy so I feel ok with leaving her name as is. I hope this is ok with those involved. Much love to everyone who is.

Posted: 10/7/2009