I don’t really “DO” New Year’s Resolution, yanno? I see it as just one more thing to fail at by the third week, oh who am I kidding, the third day in to the New Year.

Oddly enough, my boss told me to embrace failing this year. “Try to fail more this year” he said.

Uh. Ok.

There’s a theory to this and it sounded as eloquent as shit when he told it to me. I just can recollect that right now.

But I get the point: Don’t be afraid to fail. You’re not trying if you’re not failing. You’ll never know the limits if you don’t push them too far.

And other such clichés.

(Like I said, it was eloquent as shit when he told it to me.)

So, I’d like to introduce a few things I’m going to fail at this year in list form because I like lists and you’re too busy to read paragraphs anyway.

1. I will fail at being a marketing director: I will. I understand logic and coding and social media but I do not know marketing. Not yet anyway. But I will BE a marketing director. Or, rather, I *AM* a marketing director.

Let me ‘splain. No, wait, I’ll let Kevin Smith ‘splain:

Remember that if an ass-hat like KevinSmith can succeed at something like film or life, then what the fuck is stopping YOU from doing the same.

2. I will fail at eating well and working out daily: If I don’t plan on failing, I’ll never plan on the day AFTER that fail. The day I decide I can either get back on that healthy horse or get down on myself for falling off of it in the first place.

3. I will fail at paying my bills on time: I’m setting up a five day late policy for our family. We’re allowed five days. FIVE DAYS after the first and the fifteenth. Not twenty, not ten, not six. FIVE. In the mean time, I’ll also plan on autopaying a few of those and have checks as a backup.

4. I will fail at being a perfect mother: Duh. But I’ll remember that my kids love me and I’m still an amazing mom.

5. I will fail at being organized: And that’s ok. It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. Facts can change. Excuses can’t.

6. I will fail at being a great friend all the time: So it’s OK if someone fails to be mine.

7. I will fail at my freelance job: So I will not over promise and I will learn from my mistakes.

8. I will let my children fail, too: I will watch them explore, I will begin the process of letting the rope out inch by inch and I will hold them when they fall.

9. I will fail at my marriage: There will be days I try too hard or too little or talk too much or not enough or misread body language. So it’s ok if my husband does, too.

10. I will fail at writing/blogging/social media: We can’t all be Dooce or Ree or Jenny. And we shouldn’t try. I will be myself and that will be enough this year.

2011, here’s to you.

good-bye 2010

What are you going to fail at this year?

Posted: 9/12/2010