Fashionably (?) late as always

Mar 01, 2007

I realize the party is tomorrow. I realize I have nothing to wear, my belly hangs out below most of my shirts (both pregnancy and pre-pregnancy) and I will not be doing the worm, what with this large growth I’m carrying around. And, yes, I realize I will not be intoxicated what-so-ever and may even remember the names of most people I might bump in to but I still plan on attending.

What am I talking about? Thanks for asking!

I’ve been seeing a growing list of people who are attending “The Ultimate (( echo Ultimate )) Blog (( echo Blog )) Party! (( echo Party Party Party )).

Being the person who is less than detail oriented, I honestly have no idea what all is going to happen. I figure there will be people there, new faces and a few familiar ones, and maybe even virtual cake and small delicacies. I plan on waddling, virtual waddling mind you which is only slightly less ghastly than real world waddling,  and maybe finding a few new reads. Maybe you’ll be there, too, and if you are can you let me know so I can watch the door anxiously for you? Because THANK GOD there is someone I know! Then I’ll probably attach myself to your arm and talk your ear off while you try to politely peel away and mingle with other people who don’t talk about their hayhay

:: ahem :: Still, I hope to see you there.



  1. Sounds like you’re a fun one to hang out with at the party!  smile

    By Liza on 2007 03 02

  2. You can hang with me and talk about your va-jay-jay, your hay-hay, and even your hey-nonnie-nonnie…I won’t leave your side!

    By Deanna (domestic chicky) on 2007 03 02

  3. We’re here to party!  This sounds like a fun one!

    There’s a party at our place too!

    By Tammy and Parker on 2007 03 02

  4. Come on…let’s go mingle!!!  Party party party!!

    By Margaret on 2007 03 02

  5. Congrats on the pregnancy!
    May I offer you a virgin strawberry colada?
    Have fun at the party!

    By Leslie on 2007 03 03

  6. So how was it?!!

    By texasbelle on 2007 03 04

  7. This Party is so much fun!  You have a great blog, so funny!  I’ll be back for sure!

    By Mom on Coffee on 2007 03 04

  8. I nice to meet you
    congratulations on your pregnancy

    By Jen on 2007 03 04

  9. Hiya! I’ve seen you around but actually never visited before today… and I’m sorry about that now! You’re funny!

    e N j o Y the P a R t Y! (*dorking out with the Shift key*)

    By el-e-e on 2007 03 06

  10. so glad you came - sure hope you had a GREAT time!
    hope you WIN something tomorrow smile

    By Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) on 2007 03 08

  11. Hello! So nice to meet you =)
    Good luck with the pregnacy ... I hope the end goes smoothly and quickly for you and that the post partum time is good as well!

    By Brandie on 2007 03 09