Fear! Panic! Mayhem! Falalala - lala- lala

Dec 21, 2008

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Everyone ready for The Big Storm? Arctic Blast 2008! Sheer Hell-frozen-over! RUNNNNNNnnnnNNNN.

According to the news, this is going to be The Biggest Storm Ever In Our ..  Lives… Muhahaha.

Until next year, at least.

So everyone in the Pacific Northwest is at Safeway and Fred Meyer getting the essentials. The guy behind us in line had three bags of Cheetos and beer. We had four cases of pop, some red wine, cheese and beer. The lady in front of us? You got it: Beer. (In her defense, she was the only person in line buying batteries, too, so there’s that. We’ll all hunt her down and offer her beer in exchange for voltage later.)

It’s been icy, frozen and brilliantly fun for days. Work has been nearly impossible as children are underfoot with cabin fever and The Need for sledding.

So sledding we did.

Leslie Sledding Down

For days.

Sledding Days





Today we braved the wintry weather and headed to The Mall of All Mother Effing Malls. AKA: “Where did all you people that couldn’t get to work come from but were perfectly capable of driving in two feet of snow to THE MALL?”

We had good reason, though. We needed to get the picture, classic 101 Santa picture of 2008. And we did: Behold!


God I love Christmas.

**P.S. Have you registered for Blissdom Yet? WHAT?! OMG. Like you have not? What the hell, people? Did you know I was going to be there? What’s that? Oh, right, you did because I keep telling you every four-point-three days. Yea, well, um, I’m sorta excited. I’m excited to be with these people. And with her. And her. And her. And OMG. I promise I’ll lick you. **


** I do that. ***

** Did I mention I’m just now catching up on blogging? Whew. Sorry. I promise to not write so much later. **

** Buhahahah. I lie. **

**The end ***


  1. Pssst, you seen the photos of my yard?  I get to fire up the snowblower tomorrow, all by my lonesome since the driveway’s full again.  *sigh*

    By Lanna on 2008 12 22

  2. You know, people make fun of the south for the panic that sets in, with the premature cancellation of schools, frantic purchases of milk and bread (and yes, beer!), and general refusal to leave the house when there’s half an inch of snow on the ground.  I wish we got some real snow to show for it sometimes.

    For some reason, I LOVE that second picture.

    By Jen on 2008 12 22

  3. looks familiar!  FUN! Great pics!

    By Marie on 2008 12 22

  4. My essentials were caramel corn, Taco Bell and chocolate yogurt. Pregnant, so no alcohol. But boy did I wish I had some.  Being snowed in with a teething, germy toddler is cruel and unusual punishment. And it’s looking like we’re not leaving anytime soon!

    Love the Santa picture! Too cute! Hope you guys can get out and continue to enjoy the snow! Merry Christmas!

    By Carrie on 2008 12 22

  5. My husband and his sister have pictures with that EXACT Santa for a good portion of their childhood. Last year when we were home for Christmas we went to the same Santa with our daughter and his sister’s girls for the annual photo - I agree about that mall. It’s INSANE - like get me a barf bag and get me the heck out of there insane.

    By Melissa on 2008 12 22

  6. We have more snow than you!  NANNER NANNER!

    Nice sled, rookie. 

    Merry happy and all that….xoxoxo

    By Karen on 2008 12 22

  7. We are in the Portland metro area, so we had about a foot of snow, then 1/2” of ice and now about 6 more inches and it is still snowing….I am over it.

    By KD @ A Bit Squirrelly on 2008 12 22

  8. That Santa looks about this <> far from pitching someone!

    By derfina on 2008 12 22

  9. ha ha - that little clip is very funny!!

    You just weren’t going anywhere were you!?

    By Sam on 2008 12 22

  10. That is the best Santa pic evah!

    By Jamie on 2008 12 22

  11. I’m sure it’s not all fun and games, that fabulous snow, but at least there’s wine, cheese, beer and Cheetos. And, of course, one of my all-time fav Santa pics ever.

    By patois on 2008 12 22

  12. *crying*
    because I won’t be at blissdom to be licked by you :-( I’m so sad.

    Your header says lickable and I love it. Can I tell you how envious I am of that snow?  It was 73 today. It feels brilliant outside right now, about 52 it’s lovely.

    But snow.. to have a Christmas with snow would be magical.

    Merry Christmas my sweet darling friend.

    By Rachel on 2008 12 24

  13. Love the sledding vid! You’re tres BRAVE! wink Love the pics, too—awww! Happy holidays!! xo

    By Haley-O on 2008 12 25

  14. Merry Christmas!

    By koehmstedt on 2008 12 25

  15. OMG too funny. I hate the snow so I was not anywhere out in it for more than the three seconds it took to get in and out of the car to DRIVE TO AND FROM WORK EVERYDAY.

    That picture must be duplicated every year from now on…until they are 42. And that Santa…he should be knighted or something.

    By Mrs. Tantrum on 2008 12 27