Feedburner Invalid GET DATA fix

I was recently having some issues with my feed after, what I thought, was the update to this site.

When clicking on the link to the feed, you would see the following error:

Invalid GET DATA

The URL would have come through the feed google proxy which added invalid characters to my URI:


I did some testing and noticed that my main feed from which feedburner pulls from did not add these characters (logical, right? Since it’s not going through the feedburner proxy) and so I knew it was not my feed from the update, but some change I must have made in feedburner itself.

After searching for what changed and why the proxy was in place, I remembered I turned on “Click Tracking” under Analyze.



This adds the proxy for click tracking stats and removing this option, completely fixed the problem.



I realized I don’t need to have click tracking on since I use a variety of other stat counters (and never check them).

At least my readers can finally click through if they want. Even if I’ll never know. And really, sometimes? Ignorance really is bliss.

Posted: 8/11/2009