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Apr 21, 2010

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It’s been a long time that I’ve been blogging in this little space. There are a lot of things you already know about me. You know more about my womanly cycle than I do most of the time and you know how to talk my engineer husband in to getting a vasectomy. You know the day I knew I would marry him and you knew the day I peed on a used pregnancy test and called the doctor sobbing because I wasn’t ready for another baby. You were with me during the miscarriage and the next pregnancy and celebrated his birth with us. You waited with us while he learned to breath and grow big enough to come home.

And yet, you still have questions.

I have answers.

Is your last name really “Flinger”?
No. But I do accept mail at that name.

Why Flinger, then?
When I first started blogging, back in July 2003, our first domain was frisbeeflingers.com. I never wanted to publish our last name and people started calling me “Leslie Frisbeeflinger”. From there it became Leslie Flinger and Mrs. Flinger. I launched this domain in April 2005 as my own space thinking I would keep it separate from the family, whish so totally didn’t happen.

*The FrisbeeFlinger’s Logo from 2001.

So do you play ultimate frisbee a lot?
You’d think so but no. I mean, we HAVE in the past, but not we’re not die-hards. We became the “Frisbee Flingers” the summer of 2001. Mr. Flinger asked me to marry him at one of our regular frisbee breaks after work in the field by our apartment. We kept the tradition by playing frisbee hours before our small wedding on top of Mt. Constitution on Orcas Island. The running joke was that we’d rather be playing Frisbee.

You got engaged in 2001? But I thought you were High School Sweethearts?
We were. We broke up in 1994, my Freshman year in college. At the time, we had too many different expectations for us to remain together. We seperated, dated other people, went to different colleges and stayed friends. Best friends, in fact. After moving to Texas in 1999, we spoke daily on the phone and realized our differences were smaller than we thought. We fell in love again, or maybe we just acknowledged what was always there, and I moved to Portland in June of 2000. The rest is history.

Friday Flashback: Prom

our wedding

What changed that made you compatible?
It wasn’t one thing specifically, but an over-all change in our outlook. Personally, I went from being a Liberal Christian to being a Libertarian Agnostic. It was a change that took years to cultivate but ultimately we ended up in a more similar place in life than we thought we ever would be. We were asking the same questions and decided to search for the answers together. I no-longer felt like I knew everything based on my ideals I grew up with.

We laugh about a conversation my Father-in-law had with my husband when we were in High School. “Son,” he said, “I know you think you’re in love now but the real test is if you go different directions. You know if your paths cross again, it was meant to be.”

In our story, our paths simply crossed again. And continued on the same direction.

Libertarian Agnostic? Really?
I don’t like to talk politics or religion a lot. To me it’s a non-issue. I can love you even if we’re so very different so long as you don’t disrespect my beliefs and I respect yours. I get defensive when attacked politically because I have strong convictions and believe we can all strive to be the best we can for our Country, our Family, our Neighbors. I don’t push politics like I don’t push drugs. Except beer. I will always offer you a beer.

With that said, I have talked about being being a Libertarian and why I listen to Rush Limbaugh.

avatar meets rush

As far as religion, I have a long, very long, past with Christianity: both Catholicism and Evangelical. I’ve studied scriptures from varying religions and read the bible through, twice. I’ve read Richard Dawkins, The Dali Lama, and Julia Sweeney.  In the end I’ve created my own creed, the Flinger’s Creed. In short, we sing our own song.

But I do still find comfort is some of how I was raised.

the rock

Do you participate in Blog Drama?
Godno. I have, before, been swept up by it. But mostly I rail against it  and find community in blogging. I believe in blog drama like I speak of religion and politics. Here! Have a beer! Let’s sing “Kumbaya” and whatnot.

Do you actually love your children? You’re pretty snarky.
Nothing I say is real. It is all one giant sarcastic ball of shit. If you believe everything I say, I can surely sell you our used car. It’s perfect. Never squeaks or moans. Or my children! Who are also perfect.  They never squeak or moan.

But of course I love them. And yes, I’ve actually been asked this. Please, if you have to ask, stop reading RIGHT NOW. I don’t know about your kids, but mine drive me to drink and cause me to want more in alternating moments. I call this Motherhood.

Do you really have a barn?
Yes. That really is our barn. You can’t make that shit up.

our barn

You won BlogHer’s worst hair contest? Really?! Can I see your hair?
Yes. Really. I finally found a redeeming quality from 1986. A new iPad. Thank you, BlogHer!

First day in Jr High. THE HAIR OF THE ALMIGHTY

If I didn’t cover your question here, feel free to ask me another one (frisbeeflingers AT gmail DOT com for you shy people). I’ll answer pretty much, almost, anything. Except maybe my pants size. Or my favorite brand of Tampon. Or when I lost my virginity.

Ok, fine, size 10, Tampax, 25.

Fling it at me.


  1. No question, I just enjoy reading about you, your family, your thoughts/views. You are a very entertaining writer, thank-you!

    By Jamie, Mom of 3 on 2010 04 21

  2. Even though I know as fact that your last name isn’t Flinger, it’s the name that’s stuck foreva.  Pretty sure I sent my new year’s card to The Flingers.

    By Miss Grace on 2010 04 21

  3. ME ME Pick Me!
    1. Earliest childhood memory?
    2. Worst place you ever worked?

    By Ashley on 2010 04 21

  4. You make me laugh.  I heart you.  smile

    Seriously, if I could find my jr high school picture, it would make your hair look GOOD.

    By mommabird2345 on 2010 04 21

  5. Until about a month ago, I had no idea what your last name was.

    By Beth Ramsay on 2010 04 21

  6. Wait…I thought I’d talked you into a Diva Cup!

    By mrscamacho on 2010 04 21

  7. HeeHee. No questions at this time friend… just laughing (or groaning more like it) over the denim outfit… it’s about equal to the hair. LMAO.

    My parents just sent us a care package and my dad included my LCC frisbee… brought back memories from the courtyard… did we ever play? or was that other friends?  tongue laugh Gosh, I am feeling old this week for some reason.

    Thanks for the memories! grin

    By hilary on 2010 04 21

  8. OMG…that last picture.  I’m pretty sure I had that exact outfit in 1986…down to the watch and shoes!  How weird to see it on someone else LOL!

    By Brenda on 2010 04 21

  9. “I believe in blog drama like I speak of religion and politics. Here! Have a beer! Let’s sing “Kumbaya” and whatnot.”

    This is why I like you. And that you’ve got the guts to publish that picture. I envy your hair. I could never get mine to do that.

    By Clair on 2010 04 22

  10. I just love you. Also, if we lived in the same town, I might go running with you. But probably not. Because I hate to run. But I would do yoga with you. Probably. I would definitely drink beer with you. Wine, even. Or Vodka.

    By Liz C. on 2010 04 24