Forget that “Back to school” preparedness. Here’s a more practical approach

Right now there’s a lot of people posting about “Tips for being prepared for the school year.”  Let me be the first one to share with you my strategic plan: “How to lose your shit prior to school starting.”

Y’all, it’s how I roll.

Here, in no particular order, is my recipe for a complete meltdown:

1. Plan a trip prior to school starting including long international flights.

2. With 14 hour layovers in Holland.

3. Take on three freelance gigs the week prior to said trips.

4. With short deadlines.

5. Start PMSing.

6. Look at pictures from September last year and your children’s first day of school.

7. Realize they’ve changed too much.

8. And that you will miss said first day of school this year.

9. Catch a cold the week before said travel.

10. Have sick children the week before said travel, knowing every.time you leave the country someone is sick and needing you.

BONUS! #11: Allow mommy guilt to penetrate your everything until your children are sleeping in your room every night because you can’t stand another second away from them. Aside from said deadlines, travel, and (lack of) sleep.

Posted: 8/8/2011