Friday Flashback Time!

Mar 28, 2008

#Life#Flash Back Friday

That’s right, it’s the blog experience you wait for with baited breath. It’s here: Friday. And that means in blogland, it’s Friday Flashback.

(For some reason I can only hear Casey Cassum speaking now as I type so excuse the extra layer of cheese in this post. It’s late and my brain has been infiltrated by an 80’s pop radio countdown host.)

Brought to you, as always, by the lovely Catherine and Tracey, todays challenge is to post a photo of an object that is near and dear to you. Rules: No, don’t post your children. For real? We know that. We read your blog. It’s a given. Also, it must be an OBJECT. As in, something you’d grab in case of fire.  Bonus rule: If you can find something from your childhood, we will lick you.

So here it is: Behold! The


shreds of my youth:


Yes, that used to be an actual blanket that made a perfect square. It started breaking down in the 80’s during my angsty elementary school years. God those times tables are stressful. Sometimes a girl needs a lovie. And yes, 7 years old is probably too old for a blanket. But meh.

Also, another blanket I have a photo of me as a baby on (which I’ll probably post later when it’s not twelve o-freaking AM)


This one wasn’t really a part of my life in my memory, except through pictures, but because of those photos, I held on to it and somehow managed to dig it out when we had LB. And now.. another generation.

Baby O June 2007.

Baby O June 2007

And then my heart exploded.

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And! Since it’s Friday, how bout a little Bonus Haiku?

I really can spell
At midnight it’s difficult
To proof read my crap

So much blog meta
Reminds me what day it is
And ignore my kids

More Haikus at one of my favoritst bloggers evah.


  1. OK, that is just too cool.  Blankies for the generations.  I would have done the same but the polyester of the 70s that I was wrapped in all burst into flames sometime in the early 80s due to thigh friction.

    My flashback includes a bit a childhood so should I prepare myself for a lick?

    By motherbumper on 2008 03 28

  2. So I think that I was just cheated by not having a blankie. I am so glad that the one that Toddler LOVES is the crappy one I crocheted him while pregnant. (I so suck at crocheting its not even funny.)

    But I do have some childhood flashbacks to take with me in case of fire…so can you lick me now? (I taste like coffee and peanut butter cookies!!)

    By Faith on 2008 03 28

  3. Way cool. And omg, I have that second blanket!

    By Dana on 2008 03 28

  4. Wow that is an impressive blankie.  It was most definitely well loved.

    By Kelli@GohnCrazy on 2008 03 28

  5. That thing is awesome, pure and simple. 

    I didn’t really have a blankie.  I was forced to write about my batgirl underwear.


    By Loralee on 2008 03 28

  6. YES! Another blankie lover! (I bet YOU wouldn’t have traded yours for a Dilly Bar.)

    By whoorl on 2008 03 28

  7. I really must get in on this Flashback Friday.

    By Jennifer on 2008 03 28

  8. I think your ‘ku are totally appropriate.  It’s always okay to ignore the kids to blog, isn’t it?

    By Anglophile Football Fanatic on 2008 03 28

  9. The second blanket is really cute! I’m glad that one wasn’t ripped to shreds!

    By denise on 2008 03 28

  10. My daughter has a couple blankets she hugs around (and as quickly as they get filthy: well, I wonder how long it will take before they look like that!). She has also recently attached herself to a pillow that my sister made me when Jack and I were first married out of a cutter quilt she had found. Whatever.

    I didn’t write about an object on my site: instead I reflected (somewhat) on our move here to Kaua’i which was exactly three years ago today. I did link to you here though.

    By hilary on 2008 03 28

  11. I had a blankie too that eventually turned to shreds! My mom eventually had to conviscate it! It was fluffy and yellow in the beginning.

    By SaraS-P on 2008 03 29

  12. Blankets seem to make their own stories. My MIL made a small quilt for each of my “babies” when they were born. They loved, and still love, those blankies.

    By Daisy on 2008 03 29

  13. awww! I love your blankets and the baby pic of you rolling around on one is sweet as sweet can be. Towards the end of my blankies life, my mom had to put the remains in an old sock of my dad’s. yes. an old black sock. and i carried that damn thing around with pride until kindergarten or so, swinging it at my brother with impunity.

    By texasbelle on 2008 03 29

  14. A flashback and a haiku? How cool is that. Love the blankie pictures.

    By Jerseygirl on 2008 03 30

  15. That is fun that you took a pic of your son on your blanket!  Neato!

    By Holly on 2008 03 31