Goals Are Good

Oct 05, 2007

#Parenting Siblings#Working Mom

Today’s goal: Make ToDo list.
Tomorrow’s goal: Check Off ToDo list.

Not on the list: Whatever-the-hell-I’m-doing-now

(This extremely short post brought to you by my daughter, who does not nap and my son, who is teething.)


  1. Seriously, that could be my post everyday.  The to do list part, not the teething/napping kiddo’s part. wink

    By Friglet on 2007 10 05

  2. We here at Camp Sleep is for Losers commend you on forming the west coast branch of our operation.

    By Dawn S. on 2007 10 05

  3. Man…what I wouldn’t give for sleep right now…I think I’d even teeth all over again. :S

    By loralee on 2007 10 06

  4. Wow. that sounds sooooo familiar. Love your blog, and glad you’re back. I check it daily!

    By Jen Rizzo on 2007 10 06

  5. Just did a “to do” list myself, seems to me every overworked, harrassed mother has to!

    By Chris H on 2007 10 06

  6. How is it that I didn’t have you on my blogroll?  I went to click on you there AND YOU WEREN’T THERE!  Correcting that right now.  After I put it on my checklist so I can check it off.

    By Christine on 2007 10 06

  7. The secret is to write down what you just did, and then cross it off.

    By hilary on 2007 10 07

  8. i write lists and then lose them.  and then when i find them six months later, i still haven’t done anything…..
    this short comment brought to you by mother of non-napping son and overtired daughter.

    By candace on 2007 10 13