I hope you wore all your white shoes yesterday: AKA Goodbye to Summer

Sep 07, 2010

Yesterday closed out the last of the official White Shoe Wearing Season. I always hate to see that time of year go. Symbolically, I wore black sandals and froze my feet while wading in three inch puddles to various “summer” events. TAKE THAT SHOE GODS.

I’m not ready for fall, for football, for colourful trees. I’m not ready to for long nights and dreary days. But when I think about what I have to look forward to, I’m thankful the people in my life are still here going through each season with me. Each season makes our space more like home.

So with that tone, I say good-bye to a summer full of people we love, even if it was entirely too short, in a 4:58 video.

**Special thanks to Nintendo for the Flip and the fabulous Netflix party this summer. More about this coming soon. Who DOESN’T want to see the girls shake their booties. (Don’t answer that)


  1. Gotta be honest with you, I feel exactly the opposite.  This season makes me feel alive when I walk outside and feel that cold bite in the air.  Summer’s great, but if I could spend my life in the fall I would.

    By Jacob Russell on 2010 09 07

  2. I love it, too, Jacob. I’m just not ready YET. I need maybe one.more.month…

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2010 09 07

  3. Why did that make me tear up?

    By Ashley on 2010 09 07

  4. I wore white sandals to work today. Because I can. And because this is Arizona dammit, it’s still hot!

    By Lisa on 2010 09 07

  5. You are trying to rip my heart from my chest aren’t you? Also, had my butt been not at it biggest… I’d have worn my white pants yesterday. Out of rebellion. But out of consideration for the public at large, I did not. But I did wear sandals. And my feet got all wet, but I am edgy like that. *COME BACK SUMMER!*

    P.S. That video is uber precious. Well, done… well done…

    By jennyonthespot on 2010 09 08