Grab a book or borrow ours

Nov 19, 2006

#The Flinger Family

LB has a lot of books. This is great, in theory, because I love me some kid books. I love that I can actually finish a book in a decent amount of time (five minutes? seven?) and get all warm and fuzzy because Clifford finds a friend to play with or Curious George finds the bunny. I’m not a third grade reader, I just wish I was.


With the amount of books LB has, we often forget to branch out and sometimes stick to our favorites. This is a very very bad idea. Why? Because Mr. Flinger and I begin to over analyze the child’s books.  We get too comfortable with the content and start making up our own. We get giggle fits when we read “Hands Hands Fingers Thumb” because at one point “hand in hand more monkeys come!” It kills us.


When Mr. Flinger reads “Guess how much I love you” he always says something about Big Bunny having to get the last word in. “Why does the Big Bunny have to one up Little Bunny every time? Why is this a contest? What a competitive bastard!” It’s a sweet, story, really. Unless you start hating Big Bunny for getting the last word every. single. time.

imageThen there’s the communist book “Rainbow Fish.”  “What a bunch of punkass no-good fish!” he’ll exclaim. “Can’t they work to get their own scales and not ask for a handout? What is this, China? Those who have must give to those who don’t and the laziest people will get to mooch of those who can? COME ON. This is not a welfare state. Good god!” I try to explain it’s about sharing but he usually rolls his eyes and says, “Damn Nazi Fish.” We don’t read that one often.

So when LB pulled out the Sushi book in the back of the bookshelf, I wasn’t sure what Mr. Flinger would come up with. “My First book of sushi? This implies we will have more books ABOUT SUSHI?” I admit, it’s an odd one.


The thing about this book is that neither of us eat a lot of Sushi, nor are we Asian, have any sort of sushi connection and hardly even know what most of these terms mean. Why do we have this book? I have no idea. “I see take out, Tekka Maki, kappa maki packed to go. Temaki-style hand roll with uni urchin roe.” What? What IS this?

“Miso in my sippy cup, tofu in my bowl….”



Seriously, I am at a loss. We own a sushi book. Who knew? And so it is that I’d like to enter this in to the “weird crap I own” contest over at Mamma Dramma (via the great Jenny) because my god, I had no clue one could rhyme with “Egg tamago and shrinp ebi dipped in soy sauce (not a lot). Pink pickled ginger cools my tongue, wasabi- hot hot hot!”



  1. Look at that! Maybe it was a gift?  We have some books I’d never buy… wink

    Lately I’m digging the whole children’s library book thing. I get so tired of our books, even though we have a gajillion. I did buy a big pile at Border’s Friday night—there will be plenty o’ books under the tree… if I can wait that long!

    Thanks for the tip on the rainbow fish book! We haven’t read that one.

    Hey, thanks for sharing my post, Mrs. F.  I bet you’ll like the one I just put up… heeeheehee.

    By Marie on 2006 11 19

  2. I like that sushi book! It’s funny but we got Hailee a play dim sum set. It had a little won ton steamer and everything. I thought it was a little too exotic for her palatte until the other day she started throwing back calamari tentacles like they were going out of style. She loved the taste but she was having a hard time chewing them. Sorry for the mental picture. I forgot you were pregnant for a second! I may enter the dim sum set in the “weird crap I own” contest :0)

    By kelli on 2006 11 19

  3. lol. I feel the way Bob does about the Rainbow Fish. Or even worse, the damned Giving Tree! Gah!

    By Laura on 2006 11 19

  4. Miso in my sippy cup…tofu in my bowl.

    Am I the only who thinks that part sounds disturbingly…um…suggestive?

    No?  Just me?

    By Jenny on 2006 11 19

  5. I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the new template!!!

    And the Sushi book smile

    By canadian_sadie on 2006 11 19

  6. It is probably the perfect book for couples who LOVE sushi and don’t want to have to give up going to sushi restaurants just because they have a kid. It’s like, “We know these things are not your typical kiddie food, but mommy and daddy need some sashimi and they need it now!”

    I would guess you got it as a gift from some sushi-lovin’ parents (or a sushi-lovin’ single).

    By Sara on 2006 11 19

  7. Great books?

    Fly Guy and Super Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold.  They are amazing little stories, and come with holographic covers that shimmer gold and silver.  Luff them huge.

    Still buy them as presents..

    By christine on 2006 11 19

  8. Oooooooh…new Christmas design!  (Am I bit late on noticing?? sorry about that)  I too own all of those books, minus the tofu thing.  We do have a book called “The Gas We Pass” and “Everyone Poops”...but I’m actually proud to own those and simply DELIGHT in reading them to my kids!

    *did you know there is an average of 3/4 cup of gas passed in a single fart?!  It’s true.

    By Little Miss on 2006 11 19

  9. Ok, do you know how many times I’ve read “Hand Hand Fingers Thumb” and I have never even thought of that.  I just know I’m going to giggle every time now.

    By Andy on 2006 11 19

  10. wow, that is a weird book.  Was that a gift?  Love the new design!  Very cool!  Scottie also has a million books but about 250,000 of them are dinosaur books but of course, we read the same five everynight and he is in that phase where he has to stop me and ask questions about every single thing on each page.  It takes us an hour to read books at night!

    By Beckik on 2006 11 20

  11. We have Fly Guy, too! Love that book. Buzz.

    And sorry to ruin Hands Hands Fingers Thumb. Teehee. And now you will always remember “hand in hand more monkeys come!” Seriously. We laugh. Every. Time. (we are also 12)

    And thanks on the design, y’all! Needed something festive to stare at.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 11 20

  12. Have you ever read Rotten Ralph?  There’s a few in the picture book series.  He’s a naughty cat that saws off a branch while his owner is swinging and more!
    Never heard of the sushi book…maybe LB needs this for Christmas: http://www.sensoryedge.com/chhoandartta.html

    By AmyM on 2006 11 20

  13. http://www.amazon.com/Story-Little-Mole-Knew-Business/dp/1856024407/sr=1-1/qid=1164050104/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/002-6082932-2910453?ie=UTF8&s=books

    I love this one - a book about animal poo!! And the mole walks round throughout the entire book with poo on his head! And his revenge… well, I won’t ruin it for you but it’s hillarious!! Am I slightly too enthusiastic about this book?

    By Kathies on 2006 11 20

  14. You make me laugh!!

    There is a great book called Mommy’s Best Kisses. Hannah loves this book. Get back to me I will find out the Author.

    By Amanda on 2006 11 20

  15. Love the new template.

    This was too funny.

    By mdvelazquez on 2006 11 20

  16. Do you know what book freaks both me and my husband out? 

    Love You Forever.

    Don’t you think it’s a bit stalkerish?  *shudder*

    The Sushi book is a hoot, though smile

    By Charla on 2006 11 20

  17. Going back to the world of disturbing toys wink

    Did you see this one http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000IM15QI/ ?

    By mdvelazquez on 2006 11 21

  18. Hand Hand Fingers Thumb is on my Amazon wish list for the girlies. I had that as a kid and loved it.

    We apparently only own really normal boring children’s books. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head (MUST GET COFFEE)

    Hey I love your new cool yule design.smile

    By Jamie on 2006 11 21

  19. I love the Christmas look!

    That sushi book is weird. Does it mention anything about mercury levels?

    By JC on 2006 11 21

  20. mdvelazquez, that’s a little phallic, don’t ya think? Weird, fur sure.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 11 21