I recently took a full time position with a fabulous design firm as their Director of Development. I work as a small team helping business reach their potential through an online presence that mimics their real life brand. We’re, what you call, all inclusive. Or “yer bitchez.” We answer to everything.

It’s a fabulous job, but it’s an adjustment. Life, though, is an adjustment. The older we get, the more we’ve adjusted and the more adjusting we do. Including our belt notches.

The children have been simply delicious over the holiday.





Randomly telling Mr. Flinger and I that they love us.



Staying in PJ’s all day long.

It’s been all sorts of wonderful as we adjusted to being home in our tiny condo together for ten days solid. But adjust we did, and fell in to a routine that felt natural and comfortable.


The first day back is always the hardest and memories slip as you forget what it was like before.  You’re armed with goals.




It’s all the same, really. There are goals for work and home and self. For eating and writing and your career. Goals for learning, stretching both mind and body. Goals, not resolutions, are what I created this year. I created goals.

I made a goal to give up drinking while I focused on my fitness.

I made a goal to stay off the computer and focus on the children and family after work.

I made a goal to write more, worry less.

I made a goal to keep the people who love me in my life and release the ones that don’t.

I made a goal to eat clean.

I made a goal to be a better wife, mother, developer.

I made a goal to produce some addons for the ExpressionEngine community.

I made a goal to tell my clients how much I appreciate them.

I made a goal to get our holiday cards out before Valentine’s Day.

I made a goal to say yes only to those projects I know I can do.

I made a goal to run because I love running. I made a goal to find community in everything I do. I made a goal to kick my sister’s ass at Mario Kart.

I have a lot of goals.

I will not reach them all but it’s not a failure. They’re goals. Not expectations. Not demands. Not black. Not white. Goals.


Here’s to a new year filled with lofty goals. And maybe even hitting one or two.

This is a part of writes-of-passage challenge. Here are some other participants this week. Feel free to join!

Posted: 5/1/2010