Haiku “I have a blog”?

Oct 12, 2007


Where the hell are you
Ask all ten people who read
I am here barely

Two kids and a job
An announcement to come soon
After a long day

(Haiku friday via Jennifer. AKA: COOLEST bitch in the west, er, Alabama)


  1. Oooh, an announcement! Can’t wait to hear more. Hang in there, lady. Love the Hai hai haiku ku ku echo machine. smile

    By el-e-e on 2007 10 12

  2. Wow!  Did they already talk about it on Good Morning America???

    There are ten of us?  COOL!

    Waiting for the news!

    By LeannIAm on 2007 10 12

  3. Wow - I feel honored to be the eleventh reader.  This should draw a TON of new people to my site!

    I’d do a haiku myself, but it involves counting and, being Friday, I just can’t will myself to do it.

    By Moooooog35 on 2007 10 12

  4. can’t wait for the announcement: ooh the suspense.

    By hilary on 2007 10 12

  5. I didn’t know you were hurtin’ for comments!  Dang! 

    Well, showin’ you some LOVE!! 

    Nice ‘ku today, can’t wait for the ANNOUNCEMENT!! woohoo!

    By VDog on 2007 10 12

  6. I love announcements! I hope it’s good news!


    By Heidi Hyde on 2007 10 12

  7. I love you, Mrs. F!  can’t wait for the announcement.

    I owe you your amazon gift card since I’m a LOSER, by the way…we’ll talk later!

    By Jennifer on 2007 10 12

  8. ooh, i’m a new reader… so your stats must be EXPLODING now!!!

    can’t wait for announcements. i’m all about surprises and such!

    By janet on 2007 10 12

  9. An announcement? You have my undivided attention. And you have more than 10 readers.

    By Lauren on 2007 10 12

  10. Great ‘ku!  Hope it’s a good announcement!!

    By SECRET AGENT MAMA on 2007 10 12

  11. Announcement? You’ve got me - not I’m wondering what it is.  Hmmm….

    By Andy on 2007 10 12

  12. Announcement?! You can’t keep us in suspense like that. Does it involve peeing on plastic sticks?

    By Kate on 2007 10 12

  13. announcements, announcements, anOUUNCEMENTs! a terrible death to die! a terrible death to die! a terrible death to be talked to death! a terrible death to die!

    By Dawn S. on 2007 10 12

  14. There once was a lady from Flinger
    Who paused in her writing to linger.

    The blog fans did shout,
    We’ll be here when you’re out!
    ‘Cause we’re SO wrapped around
    your small finger!

    (Ok, ok. NOT a haiku. I suck at those. And limericks for that matter.)

    By Loralee on 2007 10 12

  15. Eeeewwww an announcement!

    Are you pregnant?  **snorting in laughter** wink

    By Friglet on 2007 10 12

  16. So, um….are you pregnant?

    By margbm2 on 2007 10 12

  17. Ok, so plenty of other people took my guess at your announcement.

    I can’t wait to hear!!

    By snarflemarfle on 2007 10 12

  18. Oh look, it’s moxygen! The airhead who forgets when GNI (I typed out GIN ... now you know where the brain is) really is and kicks herself for missing it. Love the ‘Ku twas very ... cool? My poet of a grandmother is rolling over in her grave as I speak.

    Waiting for the announcement!

    (I’ve been thinking about signing up for the workout bloggy thing you have going, but then I’d feel guilty for not getting my own ass on the treadmill more.)

    By Michele on 2007 10 12

  19. I’m wondering if you are pregnant….

    By carmen on 2007 10 12

  20. ooh, I know how you feel.  except i’ve only one kid.  and no announcement.  so, I sort of know how you feel. about the where have you been part.

    oh dear.  can I still come back for the announcement?

    By jenn on 2007 10 12