Have a trashcan kind of day

There’s something funny that happens when you have children. Well, there’s a lot of not funny things that happen, like gray hairs and stretched abdominal muscles, but there are non-physical benefits to keeping people with a very young sense of humor around: Lots of ordinary things are just .. not ordinary.

The other day when leaving the house the children noticed the trashcan had blown over in the wind. “WOW!” they exclaimed, “I bet he’s never been on his side before! I wonder if he loves it?”

Because seriously, where do they come up with this stuff?

Upon much discussion about the happiness a trashcan feels in his new position, experiencing the world through this new perspective, learning new things about the ground, tires, leaves, they decided today they, too, would have a trashcan day.

So it began that we wish each other a trashcan sort of day. May you find the world renewed through a different perspective. May you experience the ordinary with new vigor. May you find solace in the potentially devastating knowing all things happen for a reason. Or at least enjoy the wind.

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