He likes big books

Apr 03, 2009

#Family Life

He likes Big Books
and you can’t deny

When the other mothers
Ask you why

Your toddler reads with so much grace
and a big ol’ book in his face

You get Horney

Thinkin’ bout being lonely

How fast your kids are grow-grow-growin’

Oh Baby! Baby! You wanna make a brand new Baby!

Those other mothers tried to warn you
You’d start feelin’ that way when the boy turned two

So, fellas! (Yeah!) Fellas! (Yeah!)
Has your wife got the baby itch? (Hell yeah!)
Tell ‘em to squish it! (Squish it!) Squish it! (Squish it!)
Squish them nasty thoughts!

Your baby reads books.
Baby reads books.



  1. you are my fucking hero.

    By Dawn on 2009 04 03

  2. LOL stumblin’...

    By Alli on 2009 04 03

  3. OMFG you rock beyond words.  I bow to you!

    By Gwynne on 2009 04 03

  4. Freakin’ hilarious! Now I want to see the video of you singing the song! smile

    By Paige on 2009 04 03

  5. ...Squirt.  Whoa!  Yep, pee.  That’s me lady.

    By Mr Flinger on 2009 04 03

  6. YOU, my friend, are a nutjob.  That’s why I love you.

    By Christine on 2009 04 03

  7. Oh, my, god. Becky, look at his book.
    It is so big. [scoff] He looks like,
    one of those rap momma’s toddlers.
    But, y’know, who understands those rap mommas? [scoff]
    They only talk to him, because,
    he looks like a total big boy, ‘kay?
    I mean, his book, is just so big. [scoff]
    I can’t believe it just has so many pages, it’s like,
    not even a picture book, I mean - gross. Look!
    He’s just so ... cute!

    By Susannah aka Petunia Face on 2009 04 03

  8. That is hilarious.  I’m sitting at work cracking up. I will not be cracking up later when that damn song is stuck in my head and I’m all, “Mrs.Flinger, I hate you.  Pirate.”

    By dancing_lemur on 2009 04 03

  9. Holy shit! Sir Mix a Lot best be respectin’ them lyrics. Too funny!  You have brilliant mind!

    By Lizulfisa on 2009 04 03

  10. OK, now THAT is freakishly adorable. smile

    By thordora on 2009 04 03

  11. ROFL!

    By Amy on 2009 04 04

  12. Ha. That is awesome.

    By Zandor on 2009 04 04

  13. Mad props!

    By Sarah D on 2009 04 04

  14. Girl, you just made me spurt my latte out my nose.

    And, just like everyone else here (don’t lie biatches) I sang this OUT LOUD.

    By Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo on 2009 04 04

  15. You feel very comfortable with your words don’t you? *wink wink*

    I like how he put his sandwich down to look closer at page 520. ROFLMAF

    By Oma Flinger on 2009 04 05

  16. You rock

    By Maria on 2009 04 06