Here comes the sun LALALALA

May 24, 2010

#Life#The Flinger Family

A short, quick, super-fast update on the weekend because WE ALL HAVE SHIT TO DO.

Yes, including you.

A great friend of mine and her son travelled to Wenatchee with us to find the sunshine and an over-night road trip. There’s a mystical place in Washington State where the sun shines most of the year and it’s called EASTERN WASHINGTON.

There are also a lot of Rednecks there. And Apples.

So the three children piled in the back of our Xterra and we headed over to find swimming, playing outside in short sleeves, and good food.

Here is a snort synopsis of the trip.


And then we all passed out at 7pm.

The end.

*But it was seriously SO FUN. Minus the throwing fits and stuff. The kids’ fits, I mean. Michelle and I were pretty well behaved considering.

**Next I get to leave the kids at home and go to San Francisco this week.

***OH! Did I mention? I’m speaking in San Francisco at EECI. And I haven’t finished my keynote. AND I AM LEAVING IN TWO DAYS.

**Queue Panic Attack.


  1. I love the short synopsis - hilarious!

    By Megan (Best of Fates) on 2010 05 24

  2. Had a great time.  I think the before and after shots mean we did our job- we wore them (and ourselves) out.  Had a great time!  We’ll do it again- maybe not soon- but again.  wink

    By Mama Gachelle on 2010 05 24

  3. ha!

    love the pictures - they look pooped, so you must’ve done well grin

    By MommyNamedApril on 2010 05 25

  4. You know, I live in Eastern Washington, and I don’t consider myself to be a redneck…and I don’t even listen to country music. I don’t ride around with my dog in the back of my vehicle. I don’t wear Wranglers. I don’t drink Coors, or even Budweiser, and I don’t watch NASCAR. Oh, and most importantly, I’m not married to any distant cousins.

    By allison on 2010 05 25

  5. Muahahhhaha. Love the before and after picture.

    By Annah on 2010 05 28

  6. So am I a redneck for being from those parts?

    By amanda on 2010 05 29

  7. Wow there’s REALLY sun…. in Washington??  I’ve only been there on one trip but I did not know that was possible!

    I do remember all the apples!!

    By Kate on 2010 05 30