Hidden (or not so much) messages of Motherhood

Aug 10, 2009

#Family Life

Hidden (Or not so much) Messages from Mrs. Flinger on Vimeo.

(Sometimes I just can’t help myself)


  1. snort

    By Dawn on 2009 08 10

  2. ah… to have that kind of energy…

    By Jennifer on 2009 08 10

  3. Double snort!!! “This is why I drink.”

    By Suzy Voices on 2009 08 10

  4. Ha ha! Love it.

    By Kelly on 2009 08 10

  5. #snort

    So that’s why you drink…I totally get it now!

    They are too cute, even in their underwear!  LOL

    By AmazingGreis on 2009 08 10

  6. Hahaha, as I write this I have a 5 year old screaming bottom bottom bottom forcing his way onto my lap.
    I could use a whiskey….hehe

    By Lynn on 2009 08 10

  7. My 2 1/2 year-old just made me watch your video 3 times in a row, and she cackled like a maniac each time. So thanks for that. wink

    By cindy w on 2009 08 10

  8. HA.  The “This is why I drink” part made me laugh out loud.

    And if you replaced “why I drink” with “why I’m not ready to have kids yet” that’s a video of my life.

    By Overflowing Brain (Katie) on 2009 08 10

  9. You crack me up!

    By Amy on 2009 08 10

  10. OMG. FTFLulz.

    By Al_Pal on 2009 08 10

  11. Apples. Tree. Not too far!

    By Suebob on 2009 08 11

  12. THAT is freaking hilarious! I love the that is why I drink.

    By Elaina on 2009 08 11

  13. Fabulosity.  I hate to be unoriginal, but “this is why I drink” = my life in a nutshell.  I love it!!

    By Kim on 2009 08 11

  14. Banana WhOOOooooo

    Wait for car go “Beep Beep.” He’ll test your patience and crack you up.

    By Oma Flinger on 2009 08 11

  15. bwahahaha….so THAT’S why you drink!

    sorry i missed your call last night lady!  daren had an emergency and i had to drop everything and go get him.

    By Karen Sugarpants on 2009 08 11

  16. Hee!  Love it!

    By TexasRed on 2009 08 11

  17. Truth in video. Yummm.

    By amanda on 2009 08 11

  18. Loved.  To which address shall I send you a bottle? grin

    By Maria on 2009 08 11

  19. You always bring me a good laugh…even when it’s at your expense:-)

    You are brilliant Mrs Flinger!!

    By kathleen sullivan on 2009 08 11

  20. Sending all sorts of alcoholic liquids your direction. What? What do you mean I’m not allowed to mail booze? Bah. Stupid laws. Sorry hon! Best wishes will have to do!

    By TSM on 2009 08 11