Dec 07, 2007

Because I have a three year old. Because I have an infant. Because I have a large ass. Because I have a High School English Teacher that said to never EVER start a sentence with Because, I present to you:

Mom-Friendly Fitness

The kind ladies over at the Seattle Mom Blogs are letting me share some fitness tips and such on their site. Brave of them, yes?

Please run and check it out. I’ll be updating on Monday with the three moves to do this holiday season. Three. That’s it. Three strength training moves that you don’t need weights, a gym, or more than 6 minutes to do. And I promise you’ll be sore the next day.

In a good way.


  1. I need to know these tips!  (though you may need to remind me on Monday to check it out)

    By Andrea on 2007 12 07