How do we not have a cure for RSV yet?

Dec 27, 2010


When my son was a preemie, we were told RSV IS THE DEVIL.


I was a paranoid, germ-a-phobe literally walking around making people Purrell before they could LOOK at the baby. If I had face masks, I would’ve made you wear them.

No, I’m serious.

Now I’m much more relaxed with germs. “Bah! It’s the floor! Whatever, just wipe off the gummy bear and eat it anyway.”

My kids go to public schooling institutions. There’s not a lot I can do to prevent illness anymore. I’m over the whole “baby in a bubble” thing.

But mothereff I need to revisit that.

We have The RSV. Most notably, *I* have The RSV. My son and I share hours of hacking while my daughter is recovering. It’s estimated that RSV is the most common germ that causes lung and airway infections in infants and young children. Apparently I’m a big baby because dang, yo, this shit sucks.

Whiskey does not even cure it.

So excuse the hacking and snot-dripping while I briefly recount our Christmas.

Ready? :: cough ::

Christmas Eve was delciously amazing. Wonderful chicken, mash potatoes, stuffing: a real foodgasm. Vdog rocked dinner.

The gifts were even better.


We let the kids get up at 5:45 AM because we’re sadist like that. Self sacrifice! FOR THE LOVE OF CHRISTMAS. The boy joyfully informed us that our house did not crash under Santa’s weight (apparently there was some concern over Santa’s recent weight gain).

The toys were played with, the packages were ripped and by 6:04 AM Christmas was over.

Like getting lucky. If you now what I mean. :: Elbow Elbow Nark Nark ::

And Christmas is over. Time: six oh four. AM

*Passed out and everything if her new quilt*

Later in the day the gingerbread men were mutilated, the Wii was used for Man Bonding, and mass quantities of Spinach Dip and Chocolate Vodka was consumed. You know, the traditional Chocolate Vodka? Wait, it’s not? Oh, but it should be. OHMAHGAWD.

The creation of Frankenbread

Now the tree is raw like our nostrils after blowing. But we are thankful and happy to have such friends surrounding us, love abounding around us and a new year to look forward to. Here we go, folks. Twenty-Eleven. May you not suck half as bad. :: hack cough hack ::

Me and V Xmas Eve


Cold Medicine


  1. I believe it is Cocoa, an elf whose mother hailed from Barbados and his father from Russia, who is responsible for the Christmas Chocolate vodka.

    Wishing you a very safe, sanitary and sensational 2011.

    By Amanda on 2010 12 27

  2. Love the photos - you guys are adorable. smile

    Here’s to an AMAZING 2011, Leslie. You’ve (more than) earned it.

    By Angella on 2010 12 29

  3. Next year check out the traditional Christmas favorite :  Godiva Chocolate Martinis.  My family tradition anyway.  Cheers, and bring on 2011!

    By Jessica on 2010 12 31