I’d be freaking out right now

Aug 18, 2005

I’m sitting in Borders where I get to work every Tuesday and Thursday night (per Mr. Flinger’s and my agreement) and a security officer is sitting at a table talking to two kids, around 7 and 9. Apparently they’re lost.  Or, wait.. maybe they were playing in the street out front. I’m seriously just trying to listen to what’s going on.

Wait a minute…
(do you like your play-by-play, by the way?)

Ok.. the skinny 16 year old security guard , who couldn’t stop a potato chip from stealing a DVD, just came back in and said he called the mom who FORGOT the kids were here. Um. Hi. I don’t want to make fun or anything, but “Mom Of The Year” award is up and I’m pretty sure you just clinched it.

I’d be freaking. FREAKING. Where are our kids? Oh, yea. I LEFT THEM AT THE STORE.

Good god. This city is high class. *High class* I tell ya.


  1. Holy shit! Who does that? Maybe she just needed a minute alone? LOL

    By Rachael on 2005 08 18

  2. Oh, my!  How can you just FORGET your kids?!  I know I freak out sometimes for a split second when I am out and about on my own, and think- wait!  where are the kids… but that’s different than actually forgetting them!  Yup, she should get the Mom of the Year… good grief!

    By Holly on 2005 08 18

  3. horrible!  i can imagine wanting time alone but forgetting the kids were with me to begin with? no way.

    By texasbelle on 2005 08 19

  4. This actually happened to my brother and I when we were little (sort of)!  I must have been four or five and my brother is a year younger.  We were at Sears or Montgomery Frank or some store like that at Janzen Beach Mall in Portland with my parents and grandparents.  Well, my mom thought that we were with my dad and my dad thought we were with my mom and grandparents.  When they met up outside the store and realized that neither parent actually had us, they freaked.  But me, being the responsible youngster that I was, went up to the first person I saw and told them we were lost.  We waited behind the sales counter for I don’t know how long until my parents came running back in.  They say now that the two of us looked so pathetic and sad standing there behind the counter.  And I know my parents felt HORRIBLE for leaving us.  It was just a big misunderstanding.  If they had actually gotten in their car and driven off without us…now that’s just wrong!

    Oh, and it used to happen ALL the time when I worked at IKEA.  I didn’t work in the kid’s play area, but I guess parents would drop off their kids, go shopping and then leave without remembering to pick up their kids.  And in one case, I guess a parent dropped off her kids and actually left the store to run other errands!  When the time limit was up, the employees paged the mom who didn’t bother showing up for hours!  Can you imagine?!

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2005 08 19

  5. I am betting they live in the house pictured below!

    By Mygirlsma on 2005 08 19

  6. OMGah! I can honestly say I have never forgotten a kid!

    I would freak if G did that! Wait….. I did when he lost A in the Mall of America!

    By Nicole on 2005 08 19

  7. These people shouldn’t have kids! Who forgets their kids. Mine are attatched to me at all times pretty much. Don’t you at least keep an eye on them. Most people eat, sleep and breathe their kids or at least know where their young children might be at all times. Watch me forget them somewhere next week. Highly doubt it but can’t help but not judge these people. I know they run off sometimes and get lost but. How do you forget them somewhere?

    By kelli on 2005 08 20