If poop is introspective, I’m freaking Budha.

Oct 12, 2006

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I have an unusual hobby. I enjoy listening to, contemplating, discussing the Big Picture. Every so often, I enjoy talking about the Big Topics. The “where do we go when we die” topics. The “is religion a way of man to cope with death or is death a way for man to come to religion?” You know, those types of issues that we’ll never have the answer to but can discuss in circles for an entire lifetime. It’s a cheap hobby and it never dries up.

My new life leaves little time for reflection. I’m no longer the 21 year old dreamer writing in her journal on Saturday afternoons. I’m not taking time between classes to sit and contemplate the universe. The biggest chunk of alone time I have is in the shower and by then I’m so intent on listening for my daughter to either fall down the stairs, climb on to a counter, fall in the toilet, or push the tiny TV off the shelf. So it’s not a huge surprise that the biggest topic of late is potty training, not heaven vs. hell.

Last week LB pooped. This is not unusual in and of itself, but the child pooped in the potty. I always thought I’d gross out the first moment I had to wipe my child’s behind after she goes on the potty. There’s something different to me about wiping poop from a diaper and poop from a toilet. Call me strange, but pooping in the toilet is private bidniz but pooping in one’s britches deserves some public forum.

The way we carried about when we saw the floating poo, you’d think the Pope had his first Holy Crap. I mean, we hooted and hollard and talked about what a big girl she is. “MY MY! Look! Poop goes in the potty!” and we danced and sang for three days. She’s not repeated the act, but still we talk about it like it’s some deep foundation of life, “Poop goes in the potty! That’s right! You poop in the potty!”

We’ve been talking about this now for almost a week. For her birthday, I purchased her first pack of girl panties. I broke down in tears when I called Mr. Flinger and told him I got our daughter panties. PANTIES. I wasn’t crying because she is growing up and I’ll be buying her bras and cars before I even blink an eye, but because her panties, her pretty Small Paul panties? Are a million times cuter than what *I* wear.

It brings a tear to the eye. Trust me.


  1. Hate to warn ya, but it could be a long road ahead.  My daughter is 2 1/2 and we’re still having occasional successes with the potty (that’s with a sticker chart, Little People bribes, and every potty book for kids from the library as literary motivation)!

    Those panties are darling!  Might want to invest in a Costco box of Pull-Ups in the meantime…

    By AmyM on 2006 10 12

  2. Amazing how much moms can talk about poop, huh.  Fwiw, underwear/panties are also great as backup swimsuits out in the backyard.  (Can you tell my 3yo isn’t really close to potty-training yet?)

    By Lanna on 2006 10 12

  3. Congrats!!!  We’re at 2 1/2 here & no interest in the potty. ZIP. ZERO. NADA. I have the Thomas the Tank Engine undies ready and waiting. The little panties are SO cute. I look forward to life after diapers…

    By Marie on 2006 10 12

  4. Yay for LB pooping in the potty, even if it was only once so far! And man, I have boring panties. I think I need to go shopping!

    By Paige on 2006 10 12

  5. Yea for poop in the potty! Oh good times. And I want some of those cute panties even though they would only fit on one of my butt cheeks. wink

    By Jamie on 2006 10 12

  6. Yay for pooping in the potty…and all I have to say is… it is much better wiping a little bittle poop of a butt that has just gone on the potty than a massive load that has smooshed all over a diaper-clad butt. ; )

    By sarahgrace on 2006 10 12

  7. Yay for potty pooping! JOhn is on again, off again in that department. And that child pooped 4 times today! What’s up with that?

    By Renee on 2006 10 12

  8. YAY LB!! Gianna hasn’t done that yet. I sit her on there and she grins and then wipes herself. She has not even peed in there. Those are some mighty cute undies! Cuter than what I wore too. I remember my favorite ones were Daisy Duke underoo’s. Why did they have such an adult show printed on little girl underwear. I don’t know.

    By kelli on 2006 10 12

  9. yay!!! that is awesome!! get out a sticker chart smile wtg LB! those are the cutest panties!

    By bree on 2006 10 12

  10. I’ve always heard thaqt girlsm train faster than boys…I hope this is true for LB!  But, damn you if I don’t have the “poop in the potty, poop goes in the potty” song in my head.

    By Charla on 2006 10 12

  11. Yay for poop in the potty. It took Lily from year 2 to year 3 to be completely diaper independent. And yesterday after coming from school and playing in the backyard she STILL managed to dance around a little before pissing through her jeans. Granted, it hasn’t been cool enough for jean-weather but my head still almost popped off. And she is nearly 4! But good luck and yey for landmarks! I suspect you will be buying many a pair of princess panty soon enough.

    By texasbelle on 2006 10 13

  12. Why don’t they have those undies in ladies’ sizes?  Me wantee.

    By Claire on 2006 10 13