If you wanna be a whore, I’ll be your pimp *edited


*update* I in no way mean “whore” bad. Sure, I know what you think of.. sexy ladies with high heels and spandex on the street. No, no, I mean whore GOOD. You know, like BITCH is good here. MMmmK? Now, move along, there is nothing more to be flabergasted about here.

Some of you noticed that I started a Mrs. Flinger’s Pimped section. I also placed a Mrs. Flinger’s Pimping on the Log in page. I’m working on a place where you can nomiate blogs to get pimped. I thought it would be fun to meet new and fab blogs and those worthy of being taken notice of. I alreayd have a stack of about fifteen lined up. I mean, there are a lot of damn good blogs out there!

The Pimped area of this blog is public to get the maximum traffic from curious visitors. (er.. minus my Uncle) There is a button you can add to your sidebar if you get pimped if you wanna. I’m not asking for any return pimpage (is that a word?) other than letting people know that THEY can in turn get pimped. Like I said, it’s optional but the code is on the sidebar if you wanna use it.

While I’m working on a nomination form and swimming in my own feverish snot, go check out Domestic Diva and be sure you cast your vote for her in the Food Blog category!


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  1. Ah, thanks for being my pimp, Les! You’re the best, even if you did just call me a whore! Hee

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2006 01 13

  2. I am all about casting votes for Ms. Diva herself.  Her blog is by far… the best out of the ten.

    By traci on 2006 01 13