If you wanna be a whore, I’ll be your pimp *edited

Jan 13, 2006


*update* I in no way mean “whore” bad. Sure, I know what you think of.. sexy ladies with high heels and spandex on the street. No, no, I mean whore GOOD. You know, like BITCH is good here. MMmmK? Now, move along, there is nothing more to be flabergasted about here.

Some of you noticed that I started a Mrs. Flinger’s Pimped section. I also placed a Mrs. Flinger’s Pimping on the Log in page. I’m working on a place where you can nomiate blogs to get pimped. I thought it would be fun to meet new and fab blogs and those worthy of being taken notice of. I alreayd have a stack of about fifteen lined up. I mean, there are a lot of damn good blogs out there!

The Pimped area of this blog is public to get the maximum traffic from curious visitors. (er.. minus my Uncle) There is a button you can add to your sidebar if you get pimped if you wanna. I’m not asking for any return pimpage (is that a word?) other than letting people know that THEY can in turn get pimped. Like I said, it’s optional but the code is on the sidebar if you wanna use it.

While I’m working on a nomination form and swimming in my own feverish snot, go check out Domestic Diva and be sure you cast your vote for her in the Food Blog category!


  1. Ah, thanks for being my pimp, Les! You’re the best, even if you did just call me a whore! Hee

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2006 01 13

  2. I am all about casting votes for Ms. Diva herself.  Her blog is by far… the best out of the ten.

    By traci on 2006 01 13