I’ll reflect after some sleep, coffee, and a night in my own bed

May 29, 2005

I remember things about myself pre-baby. Actually, I’m remembering things pre-marriage, pre-job, pre-“real world.” I’m remembering what it’s like to feel 21. I’m remembering what it’s like to be too free spirited, not be able to hold down a real job, not be able to stay in any location longer than 8 months, not be able to commit to a major, a man, a life. I’m remembering why I had to grow up.

I’m glad I did. Now, may I please go back?


  1. I missed you too!!!

    By RB on 2005 05 29

  2. I remember back in the day being so care free smoking way too much-%$3 Ahem, anyway after graduation my friend and I decided to just pick up and drive across the country for a month. WOW was that awesome we stayed in New Orleans, NM, CA, AZ, UT. man was that great! Not a care in the world. Except we called our parents every night.We planned on camping but that didn’t happen. We stayed in hotels and with relatives. So I guess we weren’t true hippies! But we thought we were. Thats awesome! I hope everything works out for you guys! That kinda thing wouldn’t happen to us because Aaron has a family company.Like my friends husband just got offered a job in Alaska! How exciting. Sometimes I wish something like that would happen for some excitement. SO sorry to blab this much!

    By kelli on 2005 05 30

  3. I can’t wait to see you later this morning!  And spend some time with LB!  Last time I was a little distracted with the whole wedding thing…so now I get my LB time!  Yeh!!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Mr. Flinger!  I won’t hold my breath yet, but I’m practicing!

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2005 05 30

  4. Sometimes I wish for the chance to move to a much desired (by me!) place, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will get your chance!  grin  And, yeah, we’ve missed you, too!

    By Charla on 2005 05 30

  5. Good luck to Mr. Flinger with the possible job opportunity!

    By Holly on 2005 05 30

  6. Hope everything works out the way you want it to.

    By Jan on 2005 05 30

  7. Good luck Mr. Flinger!

    By Sarah on 2005 05 30

  8. TRADER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  **grumble grumble**.

    Ha Just kidding! Can’t wait and I am holding my breath for Mr. Flinger! Although I keep tellin ya there are MANY things that man could come and help fix here in MN! Glad you had fun and I may pass on the 12 naked jumping jacks - I can’t afford another hospital bill yet and mine aren’t and nice little B! I will just think it mkay?

    By Nicole on 2005 05 30