I’m like twenty percent Jesus



“You’re going to do what?”

“I’m going to eat less than 15 grams of sugar for ten days,” I reply exasperated. It’s the second conversation like this in as many minutes.

“Why ten days?”

“It’s all I can promise I might commit to.”

“You are honestly going to last ten days? .... “

“Hey, look, if Jesus can go in to the desert for 40 days without food or water, I can do ten days without sugar.”

“So, what you’re saying is, you’re like twenty percent Jesus.”

“If you want to call me that. I mean, hey, if the toga fits…”


“You wannan grab some ice cream later? .... ... Oh.. Wait…”

It’s going to be a long ten days but dammit, if Jesus can do it SO CAN I.

Now I just need to work on my water to wine skills.

It’ll be about twenty percent tasty.

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