I’m OK, you’re OK and other warm fuzzies this time of year *updated

Dec 18, 2005

#Life#Good News

We’ve had a great weekend. Thank you so much for all your support and love. I luff all of it. Truly, every stinkin’ one of your emails/comments/cards/phone calls (!) mean so much so thank you thank you. I’ve gone back to my regular dosage and, amazingly, things started perking up. In addition, we headed out of town Friday night, saw my best friends in Seattle, and then *I* was blessed with a girl’s night out while Mr “WWE”, to quote Claire, took LB and gave me and my gals free rein of Bellevue. Sometimes, y’all, the man rocks. Last night he rocked his big bad ass and put LB to bed all by himself while mommy went out to Starbucks and the Rock Bottom to partay it up and talk about pubic hair, what men are on “the list” and other important girlie things.

We are currently both surfing free wireless at the Ramada Inn about 62 miles from home because of Portland’s major overaction to “ICE STORM TWO THOUSAND SIX!” Gawd. I swear, if it’s not raining here people don’t know how to drive. Current conditions: sucky with tomorrow’s forcast: ice with more stupid effers on the road. Poor Oma made it to our house this afternoon before the freeway iced over causing the major backup and wheel spinning (weeee) and making poor lil’ old anxious me to yell, “Let’s get a hotel. Look! Free wireless! Let’s just stay there, mmmK?” LB is currently climbing the walls of her pac-n-play thinking this is the best damn adventure a 14 month old can possibly have and Mr. Flinger and I are doing our best to make light of the fact that we just may live here for two days or more. Wish I packed the ice skates for the car this weekend. Damn.

Pictures to come, oh the Pictures! Did I tell you Mr. Flinger actually told me “enough with the Pictures!” Um. Fine. I was just trying to capture beautiful Seattle to get everyone enticed to come to the bloggy moms shindig (which, by the way, I found a fab hotel for fifty one bucks a night with a full kitchen in it and room for a pac-n-play. Viola! Superb, y’all. Seriously.) Now everyone, come to seattle now, ya hear?

In the mean time, look for us on I5 tomorrow. We’ll be traveling home if all goes well. Otherwise, we’ll be hangin’ in the Ramada. Hey, at least there’s free Internet.

**update: Proof we’re a buch of idiots that can’t drive in the snow. Y’all on the east coast, feel free to point and laugh.

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  1. You sound so much better!  Glad your girl’s weekend went so well - Yay for Mr. Flinger stepping up to the plate for you with LB!
    Also glad Oma made it in before the shit hit the fan (aka ice storm).  Hope ya’ll enjoy your little jaunt at the Ramada.  Who can beat free wireless AND an built in adventure for the babe???  All you need now is a scone (Gawd.  Will I ever get over the effin scones?)

    By Charla on 2005 12 18

  2. It’s good to see you back online!  Sounds like you had a fabulous and well deserved FUN weekend!  Yippee!  OKay, I so do NOT want to hear about ice on I-5!!!  We are heading that way tomorrow, hopefully it will all have melted off by then.  It is funny though, how that area reacts to anything other than rain!  rolleyes

    By Holly on 2005 12 18

  3. Oh man!  glad y’all are safe. The Ramada with free wireless sounds excellent!
    Ice is scary!! Especially if the roads aren’t treated. Here in NY they treat the heck out of the roads… so, yeah you can usually drive but your car ends up getting eaten alive by salt!

    By Marie on 2005 12 19

  4. so glad you are having a GREAT weekend. . safe travel with that ICE. . .

    By mommyofkgrc on 2005 12 19

  5. I am on the east coast but if there is one drop of snow the entire town raids the grocery store, shuts down, calls off school, closes the roads, and batters down for “Snow Flurries that do not stick 2006”.  SO yall stay safe, be careful, and hopefully you get free contintental breakfast as well!

    By RB on 2005 12 19

  6. Sorry about the ice storm!  You should have stayed up in Seattle.  It was sunny and 40!  But yay for wireless and a happy toddler!  The weekend was a blast!

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2005 12 19

  7. You sound absolutely FANTASTIC!  I am so glad things have turned around for you over the last few days, I thought about you quite a bit this weekend.

    Does the Ramada have a Spa?  Cuz a massage would be a great early Christmas Present!

    Sorry about the ice storm, hopefully they can get some salt down on the roads and you can get on your way!  And yes, I am pointing and laughing!!!  LOL!

    By JakesGirl on 2005 12 19

  8. Haha, I love listening to “coasters” talk about snow and ice. Why I live in MN and TORMENT myself with this crap I will never know (but HEY! It was only
    -15 this morning!) Enjoy your free wireless and maybe you can catch a show of midget wrestling together!

    By Nicole on 2005 12 19

  9. That looks scary on a good day!!! says the girl from the city with 2 lane divided highways!

    By Mygirlsma on 2005 12 19

  10. Glad to hear you are safe at a Ramada. Truthfully, the roads are fine here.  Last night was a little scary, but now, it is just wet mush on residental streets.  I can only imagine that freeways are CLEAR. 

    Three cheers for Mr. Flinger giving you a girls night out.  It is good to hear you had a great time with the girls!

    Yahoo for free wireless!

    By traci on 2005 12 19

  11. haa haa “ICE STORM TWO THOUSAND SIX”!! 

    I"m glad that you had a great weekend get away!

    I’m glad that you just stay in a hotel and didn’t “try” to drive home.  It wasn’t a very good picture.  It’s the ice that i don’t want to mess with.  It took me a very long time to get home just from Portland and my ABS kicked in many times and it was earlier the afternoon.

    Hope you guys have a safe trip home today.

    By Kerry on 2005 12 19

  12. Glad you guys are doing better.  Enjoy the hotel room while you’re still in it - just think, you don’t have to clean it!

    And I’m gonna have to do a little reading on this ‘ice storm.’  Last one I remember over here (96-97) we had a few feet of snow then rain and power was off to half a million people for up to 3 weeks - now that’s a storm.  wink

    Pssst, that hotel (Homestead by Factoria) isn’t as nice in person as they try to make it sound.  It’s close to the freeway which is kinda handy, and there’s a Starbucks and QFC a few blocks away, but that’s about it.  In the room we ended up with, the bathroom hadn’t been cleaned, we were missing all sorts of cooking utensils, and the microwave didn’t work.  But the partially deaf housekeeper did a great job filling in for the front desk clerk that called in sick that first night.

    By lanna on 2005 12 19

  13. I am soooo glad your feeling better!

    Pointing and laughing as I speak!  LOL wink

    By brandi on 2005 12 19

  14. There will be no pointing and laughing in my sopt on the east coast.  I second what Rbelle said…a few flurries and the whole town freaks out.  But what do we know…if it rains too hard here they do the same thing AND school shuts down (no complains on that from me on the school thing, though).  keep us updated.

    By Charla on 2005 12 19

  15. we’re headed out tomorrow.  I-10 all the way…to hell!  22 hours in a car with three sick children.  fun, huh?! 

    happy holidays to us.

    By Little Miss on 2005 12 19

  16. All of us south of the Mason Dixon line (I’m pretty sure MD is south of that right? Anyone? anyone?) all freak about the threat of snow. Here, it only takes a “dusting” to really get people riled up and running to the store for toilet paper and bread screaming about Armageddon and whatnot! wink

    By Erin on 2005 12 19

  17. Did I ever tell you that my mom is OMA to my kids? Probably huh.

    By candice on 2005 12 19

  18. Candice, I think you said? But I totally forgot. Interesting thing to ask, though. Tame and Kind enough for the family site even… thanks for the idea!

    And y’all, the hotel turned out to be ok. We stayed there and liked it just fine. Kitchen sink, microwave, full fridge. It’s great for having a baby.

    oh, and the ice cleared up within hours. We suck.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 12 21