In the quest of the perfect eyebrow

Aug 08, 2009

#Side Notes

I only started plucking my eyebrows in my late twenties. As in VERY late twenties. As in, I was already a mom and labeled thus, “mother plucker” my Mr. Flinger.

When it comes to beauty, I’m at a loss. Makeup? Learning how to apply that still. Hair? Well. I can blow dry! But as my friend Michelle stated in exasperation, “You don’t even have the RIGHT kind of flat iron.” I didn’t realize they went out of style. And apparently, I have an old style, the big one? With the FLAT IRON?

:: shrugs ::

Since 2004 when I started the quest for the perfect eyebrow I have done a lot of research. I’ve polled readers. I’ve goggled “how to pluck your eyebrows you stupid later bloomer.” I’ve even started a PhD in Plucking hairs (for) Dumbasses. But still, my eyebrows, they lament over their current state.


It’s becoming an illness. It’s the Eye Brow of Holy Grails. It’s the Punch to my Pickle. The Prize to my Package. The Treasure to my Chest.


So I’m asking you, please, PLEASE, help me: Do you wax? Shape? Pluck? Stick your face in to a frying pan and char? I’m so utterly unsure of shape and texture. Of pencils and brushes. Of over plucking and under arching. It’s anxiety inducing.

Almost as much as a bikini wax.


  1. Ok, here’s the thing: I have those big Brooke Shields eyebrows. I tweeze here and there to keep clean but I have no shape and NO CLUE.  I have come close to having them waxed or whatever at the salon, but seriously, I am scared and have no idea what they should look like!

    By pgoodness on 2009 08 08

  2. I’m so worried that I’m going to overpluck and end up with no eyebrows or one all wacky eyebrow or SOMETHING that I’m SCARED to even touch them. I usually tweeze a few hairs here and there and then I get a PANIC ATTACK because OH MY GOD what if I just PLUCK AND PLUCK and before I know it, they’re GONE. So yeah, I have issues with this, too.

    By C @ Kid Things on 2009 08 08

  3. Just go get them waxed - and then you have a basic shape so you can keep them trimmed up and looking sharp. No mess no fuss - and it really doesn’t hurt at all. Besides you can go get a pedi/mani while getting your brows done - a perfect DAY!

    By telechick on 2009 08 08

  4. I leave the eyebrows to the professionals.  Mine are waxed, trimmed and plucked by my favorite plucker Yvonne, once every 3 - 4 weeks. 

    I’ve tried to do them myself, but yeah, not so good.  See a professionals help.  LOL

    By AmazingGreis on 2009 08 08

  5. Not sure where you live, but if there’s a place that does “threading” then go there. Much better than waxing.

    By Chelsea on 2009 08 08

  6. I didn’t touch my eyebrows until I was 20 and then I started getting them waxed until I realized they got thinner and thinner each time. I pluck now and have tried threading, but I’m too cheap to fork over money for eyebrow maintenance after the Great Eyebrow Disappearing Act of 2003, so I do it myself and am not very good at it.

    By Amy on 2009 08 08

  7. Ouch. Double ouch. Triple ouch even. My eyebrows? Exactly as the hairs decide to grow. I don’t even shave my legs, there’s no way I’m going after those tiny hairs on my face with tweezers.

    By Summer on 2009 08 09

  8. I looked at your photo in super extra large - so your earrings were actual life size - and your eyebrows look fine. Keep doing what you are doing.

    By Suebob on 2009 08 09

  9. i get them waxed every month or two, and keep up with plucking in between.  Get a recommendation or go somewhere with a good reputation.  Good eyebrows changed my life.


    By jenB on 2009 08 09

  10. Are you near a Nordstroms? 

    Just beware what ingredients ie chemicals are in the makeup you might start wearing.  Check out cosmetics data base. http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/splash.php?URI=/index.php

    By Vicki on 2009 08 09

  11. I’m pretty good at keeping up the line marked “1”, through post-shower plucking, and I do okay with the “3”.

    As far as the arch being over my eyeball, though? IDK. I just try to follow my brows’ natural shape & pluck under the brow line. I’ve heard you should never pluck from the top, but sometimes they are like, Way Stray OMG, so. ;p

    Good Luck, dear~!

    By Al_Pal on 2009 08 09

  12. I totally suck at the girly stuff.  Nails, I can do.  Makeup… I’m working on that.  Hair?  Eh - I can throw some gel in it to make it look curly, or use a straightener.  That’s about it.  Anything beyond that?  Find a hairdresser you trust… mine takes care of my eyebrows and my hair cut/color.  I just walk in and tell her to have fun, whatever she thinks.  I’ve never been disappointed.  After she waxes the eyebrows, I just do my best to keep up with them for a little bit with the tweezers.  Then I give up and go back to her.  And I didn’t start doing that until I was about 28.

    By Kay on 2009 08 09

  13. Waxing every 2-3 weeks. I pluck just the occasional stray hair that pops up between waxings. The lady that does mine is great. She waxes then trims and plucks. I can never make them look that good on my own.

    By Someone Being Me on 2009 08 09

  14. Seriously.  I did NOTHING to my eyebrows until I was 46.  I am not saying that I didn’t need to do something, but plucking hurt - so much that I would cry.  Every now and thenI would shave a patch in between my eyes so I didn’t have a distinct unibrow…
    About 7 years ago, I had the chance at a great job, and decided to have my eyebrows waxed.  OH MY GOD. It was like my face was being ripped off. But, but, but….it was like an instant face lift.  So, there was that.

    Now there’s nothing to it!  I don’t hardly scream or cry any more.

    By Sarah on 2009 08 09

  15. By nature I have huge bushy Peter Gallagher-esque eyebrows. It’s not pretty. So I get mine waxed every couple of months, and use the tweezers to try to keep them tidy in between.

    And um, don’t go for Angelina-brows. Hers are a little freaky.

    By cindy w on 2009 08 09

  16. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who struggles with this.  My eyebrows are so curly that I often look like R. Lee Ermy in Full Metal Jacket (you know, Old Man Eyebrows).  Lately I’ve been getting them waxed (no way am I waxing them on my own!) and then tweezing what grows back.  But then I get lax on it and I have to get waxed again.

    And, um, bikini waxes?  I really want to try one but I’m terrified.  Maybe if I drink enough tequila…

    By Meg on 2009 08 09

  17. I tweeze my own and use Tweezerman.

    By JennyMac on 2009 08 09

  18. Frankly, I suck rocks when it comes to eyebrow upkeep.  I keep saying I’m going to get them waxed, but I never have.  I try to pluck them, but I can’t arch them to save my life.  Ever since my eyebrow fiasco of 2003, I try to keep plucking to a minimum.  Bah.

    By Angie on 2009 08 09

  19. I totally let the professionals yield the wax, since the one time I tried I removed half of one eyebrow. Not good. The waxers, they know what they are doing. Find a good one. Get some referrals. Then pluck the errant hair here and there, but never the whole thing ever again.

    By fruitlady on 2009 08 09

  20. Once I get past the initial “OH MY GOD” of waxing, I actually find it to be… pleasant. I only get the brows waxed for special occasions (weddings, my birthday..) Otherwise I just pluck whatever wacky hair has gone astray.

    Speaking of “gone astray” what do you do about those eyebrows that have gotten lost and appear on your chin? Pluck? Wax? Cry?

    By mel on 2009 08 09