Increasing your reader’s traffic part 1: through comments

Jan 09, 2008

#Work#Boost your reader's blog traffic

*What’s this? See below*

I was going to list out another slick way to raise your user’s traffic and technorati rank but then I was told it’s the great International Week to Delurk. This means two things: 1) I decided to provide methods of increasing your reader’s traffic through their comments 2) Why not comment and increase your own traffic here and 3) I really don’t comment enough and 4) I can’t count because that’s more than two.


So here we go!

Expression Engine:

One of the first things I got questions about when I first started blogging (four freaking years ago now) was “how do I list the most recent comments? I want to encourage people to comment and I want a list on my sidebar.” Back then, it wasn’t that common. Now, though, almost every major CMS (That Thing Which You Type On To Post Things) provides this option.

In Expression Engine, use the code from the docs. Since this is pretty self explanatory if you’re viced in EE, I won’t go further with detail.

But! If you want someone really different, you can use the newly acquired method here on Mrs. Flinger (dot US).

I recently found the joy of passing embedded variables. Holymother! This information has changed my design life. For example: Now I’m using a method similar to this to pass comment authors to the front page. There’s one exception, though. The code listed in the Wiki specified an entry_id variable. If you want to pass the comments for all entries, simply delete this variable like so:

Instead of:
{embed=“summer06/inc_comments” my_weblog_name=”{my_weblog_name}" my_template_group="{my_template_group}” entry_id=”{entry_id}”}

use: {embed=“site/inc_comments” my_weblog_name=”{my_weblog_name}"}

(that code goes in your index template in the {weblog:entries} tag.)

In your inc_comments template, you should simply have:

{exp:comment:entries entry_id=”{embed:entry_id}"}

You can, naturally, use all the paramaters available to the comment:entries tag from the documentation. I simply wanted to list authors and web links if applicable.

Are you glossing over yet? Great.


I see a lot of people using the commentLurv plugin.  The concept here is to go fetch the commenter’s last blog post through their RSS feed and display it along with their comment.

EE already has the ability to read and fetch RSS feeds so I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before someone who doesn’t have two small children and a job will create a plugin similar to this for EE. Ahem. Cough. Sneeze.

There is, naturally, a plugin for the top commenters found here. One nice plus is that people who end up in your list of top commenters get an additional link in technorati. Don’t forget to tell them so.

There’s also the DoFollow act. Izzy Mom explains it here and even provides lists for how to participate. There’s a movement to allow commentor’s links to register on Google and thus encourage (and reward) people in their google page-rank when they comment.

And, shortly before your brain explodes, I will leave you with this:




*This series started as I researched increasing blog traffic, for the first time ever, about three months ago. I spent almost four years keeping my web site out of google and when I launched a business/resource site I decided to learn why and how one would increase traffic to a new site. I was amazed at the number of “increase your blog traffic” sites there are out there and how selfish I started feeling reading them. MEMEME. So I decided it would be nice to spread whatever traffic I do have, which isn’t much. It’s a little like sex and road rage: If we all just Got Some, there wouldn’t be road rage. Let’s just all give blog luv and there will be no war or famine. This is only a theory, of course.

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  1. That is such a great photo!  I want to move to Seattle!

    By NG on 2008 01 10

  2. What a great post!

    And?  HI!!

    By Angella on 2008 01 10

  3. Great advise.  I need all the help I can get to increase my traffic.  I thought I would have to flash everyone to get more readers… wait then again maybe not.

    By Jess on 2008 01 10

  4. Mornin’ sista! Still rubbing my eye from waking up and reading with interest but not sure I understand. Is this for WordPress and Expression Engine only? Great picture! Hugs- EE

    By Erin - ExpectingExecutive on 2008 01 10

  5. Is there a Cliff Notes version of this post?  Because I love it, and will have to come back when the little people are asleep in order to fully wrap my brain around this TREASURE TROVE of information, Mrs. Flinger!

    By rimarama on 2008 01 10

  6. Is there a Cliff Notes version of this post?  Because I love it, and will have to come back when the little people are asleep in order to fully wrap my brain around this TREASURE TROVE of information, Mrs. Flinger!

    By rimarama on 2008 01 10

  7. Very nice ending!

    By mdvelazquez on 2008 01 10

  8. You lost me at “So here we go.”
    But hey, I love the picture!

    By Laura on 2008 01 10

  9. I’m always delurking.  I guess that means I was never lurking in the first place.  I love leaving comments, and in the past couple of weeks, I have finally started getting some good comment numbers.  Before, I was lucky if I got 5 comments on a post, now I seem to break 10 or 15 on each post.  Brilliant.
    Thanks for the love, Mrs.Flinger!

    By Mrs. Mustard on 2008 01 10

  10. Okay. Im a little confused on what a traffic sharing thing is and what it will do,and I got a little lost. but I’m not the brightest lightbulb in te box either.There’s a reason I’m an artist.
    Jen R

    By Jen Rizzo on 2008 01 10

  11. In Cyberspace people may not be able to hear you read, but sometimes your officemates can!  smile

    By Andrea on 2008 01 10

  12. De-lurking here! Thanks so much for the info!

    By Bri on 2008 01 10

  13. I’m delurking!!

    Kidding.  I just wanted to be able to say that once this week.

    I love this series. I’m slow to wrap my brain around the more technical aspects of blogging, but love trying. 

    You explain it in terms I actually understand.

    By Loralee on 2008 01 10

  14. Any chance you can do an “increasing your reader’s traffic for dummies” version?

    By Colleen on 2008 01 10

  15. I’ll have to come back when I have time (like next June). I know I"m not using technorati to its advantage, and more.

    By Daisy on 2008 01 10

  16. This is why I have a webdude for my WP blog. Totally above my head except for pasting the badge code into my TypePad blogs. Go figure. Thanks for trying to enlighten me anyway. Ha!

    By Anne-Marie on 2008 01 10

  17. Colleen- HA! This is just one of the more technical posts but I’m planning on making another easier one in the series soon. I’m a wee bit of a code nerd so I tend to ramble while everyone’s eyes gloss over and drool starts pouring out of their mouths.

    Thank you so much, y’all, for humoring geeky ol’ me.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2008 01 10

  18. I just realized the picture isn’t animating. Darnit! It’s supposed to animate!

    Gah.. Fixing now…

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2008 01 10

  19. I’ve been a very bad blogging friend and not commenting lately, but I’ve been reading. I got really lazy over Christmas vacation. So long story short, this is me de-lurking.

    Great post!

    By Christine on 2008 01 10

  20. You rock my world, lady.

    Thanks for this post, hot mama!

    By Sarcastic Mom on 2008 01 10