I’ve been drinking and THIS is the post I hit publish on? NIce.

Aug 28, 2008

After several (aka: A LOT) of posts in draft, finally, I say Hi. The thing is, see, I write. I used to write anyway. Then I started blogging and blogging turned in to not writing and when did I write?

Did I mention the wine?

I love my job. Oh, god, I love my job. I love that I get to do the Thing I LOVE MOST in the world, aside from my husband, whom I don’t get to “do” enough, and geek out on nerdy things like Web Standards! Z-index! Ajax! CMS! WTF! But the truth is, maybe, a little bit, I love it too much.

Which is why I’m saying this because you are involved.

See, a little bit ago, I took my favorite sister (hint: I have only one sister) out for a few drinks at a local bar. Yea. (I, thirty-two year old mom of two VIA C-SECTION.. this is important…  went to a bar with her sister and totally got hit on. I KNOW. Dude. Poor sap. Yey me.) And what I learned at this bar moment was this: I am on the computer too much.  It was a great moment. The time in life when you’re just swirly enough to think perfectly clearly? The time in life when your baby sister says, “He hates the computer and you’re always on it.” And suddenly she solves your whole marrital crisis? Yea. Not that there was a crisis, per say, but rather a “hu, something is.. amiss….” and raur, you fix it and suddenly life is back on track.

Your blog? Not so much.

Which is why I’m STILL working on Flinger 2 point OH. That’s right. It’s still coming. And instead of posting all those things in Draft that I wrote in the past ten minutes you get this: My drunk, “I wrote this post after too much wine and cleaning the kitchen because THAT IS WHAT STRESS DOES TO ME: it makes me clean the kitchen” post.

And you love me for it.
Or. Lie. And say it anyway.

Mrs. Flinger who is not so much sure she will know this post in the morning. And that is pathetic.


  1. I hope you find a balance that works for you - your site is fun and I’d hate to see it go away!

    By Laurie on 2008 08 28

  2. My husband hates my computer to. Drives me nuts because if I spent an equal amount of time with a book or cross-stitch or anything else it would be fine and dandy. But the computer on my lap somehow offends him.

    By Melizzard on 2008 08 28

  3. I think there is a surge of people finding that the intense “working” of their blog is sucking up their real life.  Finding a balance is key, I think my “a ha!” moment came when all the flooding and tornadoes hit our area and I was offline for 15 days (and NO PHONE, which was awesome) and realized, “is this what I’ve been missing out here?” because Mother Nature bitch slapped me back to reality.

    Balance.  It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.  You know I love you and I’ll always read you whether you post a little or a lot.

    By Sunshine on 2008 08 28

  4. I just think you should post after you drink on a regular basis, because otherwise, I get all awed-out at your greatness.


    By Ree on 2008 08 28

  5. I love how you posted this twice.  Very nice.

    By Michelle on 2008 08 28

  6. No lying.  We love you for it, especially because you had so much wine you published it twice. LOL

    By MariaV on 2008 08 28

  7. Thanks for the credit! lol. I had fun that night. BUT. I’m MOST glad that our little talk made such a great happy impack on your life. THAT"S HAPPY smile


    By sister flinger on 2008 08 28

  8. PS…Ryc told me about this post before I even read it! LOL. TOLD you he reads this everyday!!!

    By sister flinger on 2008 08 28

  9. Balance=Hard to figure out.  Take your time!

    By KD@ A Bit Squirrelly on 2008 08 28

  10. It’s just funny and also funny that you posted this twice. Am loving you and hearing you. And reading you.

    By syd on 2008 08 28

  11. you should not drink and post.  You posted it twice. LOL

    Seriously, it wasn’t bad, and I struggle with how much time I spend online, too. It’s just hard, because all my friends are in this box!

    The last couple of days, my computer was having tech issues and I cannot believe the amount of panic and anger I was feeling.  We have other computers, too.  But this one is MINE.  With my stuff in it.


    By T@SendChocolate on 2008 08 30

  12. Stress makes me clean, too. You can regularly hear me saying, “That’s IT! This place is a disaster. We are cleaning up NOW!” while my poor family looks around scratching their heads.

    And, yeah. Totally identify with the computer vs. husband thing.

    By Shannon on 2008 09 02