And lo, I realized, I am pregnant (again)

Feb 27, 2007


Now that I’ve over-reacted in public, (lord knows I wasn’t going to actually move on and be able to write something if I didn’t) I have a startling realization.

We’re finishing up week 25 and starting week 26. Holy. Crap. Y’all.

Aside from varying times of distress “Hello Little Mister, ya there?” I’ve almost forgotten I’m pregnant. Aside from the butt issues and the acid reflux and the fact that my old lungs forgot how to expand and my ribs hurt. I mean aside from all of that, I’m so wrapped up in day to day life this time that I’m not obsessing about what week I’m in. In fact, being pregnant now is a lot like having birthdays after 25. Who cares? Birthday? Pshaw. It’s just another year. It’s Tuesday? Whatever. Just another week down in the chain of baby-growing.

I’m really very proud of myself for forgetting even though I was told by moms of two that it would happen.

According to a couple of books, I’m entering the third trimester. These are the same books, though, that will tell you pregnancy is nine months long and then howl with laughter with you crouch with your legs spread on the nine month waiting to give birth to a kid who stays in another four weeks.  It’s some evil math error the gods made and the same geniuses that tell you you’ll forget about labor as soon as you see your child are the ones that perpetuate the nine month lie.

My good bloggy friend Erin is due just over three weeks before the Little Mister is set to arrive. I find myself completely jealous of those three weeks most of the time I read her site. Except today something unique happened. I realized she’s three weeks closer. Three weeks more uncomfortable. Three weeks further in to the flux. And suddenly I wasn’t jealous, I was sympathizing.

Then I saw the graphic she posted of how things are shaping up for her at 28 weeks.  And I decided to empathize a little.

So here’s my version of how things are shaping up as we near 28 weeks.

(graphic stolen and modified with complete lack of any sort of permission what-so-ever)



  1. ROFLMAO! I so ALMOST did this to that graphic, but had to throw up instead and never got back to it. Seriously, hysterical. wink

    By Erin on 2007 02 27

  2. Love the graphic…I remember that ALL too well. Happy 3rd trimester, CB!

    By AmyM on 2007 02 27

  3. YES!!!!  I find myself jealous that you are 2 weeks ahead of me…then I remember that I really NEED those extra two weeks before we have a THIRD child in our house. 

    Love the pic…Oh so very true!

    By Charla on 2007 02 27

  4. Holey crap that graphic is fantastic.
    And just think, at least you are not having a baby TOMOROW MORNING, like someone I know.

    By Emily on 2007 02 27

  5. Love the comments on the graphic.  And can I say, I’m both relieved that its not me and my pregnant days are over and jealous at the same time.  Oh how I wish I were a better pregnant woman and a better mom and could just have dozens of the little buggers…

    By sleeping mommy on 2007 02 27

  6. LOL!  Where were those comments with the graphic when we needed ‘em in middle school and high school?  wink

    By Lanna on 2007 02 27

  7. The weird thing is…I’ve tried explaining that pregnancy is really 10 months long to my grandma, who’s had 3 kids, and she still doesn’t get it…  (but of course, there’s a lot more to that story!) 

    Thanks for reminding me what I’ll be looking forward to….waah! (In more way than one.)

    By sarahgrace on 2007 02 27

  8. I had the same realization when pregnant with Julian.  There were some weeks that crawled by and I swore I thought I’d be pregnant forever….and then there were those weeks that disapeared so quickly that when I stepped back from busy day of toddler-chasing and house-cleaning and husband-caretaking, I’d wonder “Wait.  It’s December…I’m due in a month?!?!?  Augh!”  LMAO

    By Anne on 2007 02 28

  9. This pic should be part of birth-control training. Seriously.

    But YAY for the 3rd trimester!! Happy growing in there, Little Mister CB!

    By Marie on 2007 02 28

  10. Oh my gosh that’s funny!  TOO funny!  (too true as well;))

    Thanks for the laugh!

    By Pass the Torch on 2007 02 28

  11. Congrats on entering the third trimester.

    That pic makes me want to put on a chastity belt.

    By mdvelazquez on 2007 02 28

  12. love the graphic and commentary! smile

    By Mrs. M on 2007 02 28

  13. is it just me or are you seemingly progressing quickly? YAY! Keep up the good work, Hon!

    By texasbelle on 2007 02 28

  14. am sort of in hysterics over here. i mean, that body part one really got me.


    By jen on 2007 02 28