Lost another one

Nov 12, 2005

We lost the house. Damn. At least I have a cute baby.


  1. Son of a bitch, so sorry! What would we do without our cute babies?

    By Sarah on 2005 11 12

  2. *HUGS*  That is a bummer.  You’re making me relive all these memories growing up of my parents frantically trying to get out of the rapidly-going-downhill neighborhood we grew up in… we looked at zillions of houses and they made offers on bunches of those zillions… We ended up FINALLY moving to a nice house in the country when I was 13, but it took forever to get there.  Not to discourage you, but to say HANG IN THERE!!  The right house has to come along eventually!  (It does make it interesting down the road… you can drive by all these houses you have looked at or bid on and say I’ve been in there!)  tongue rolleye

    And YES!  At you do have a CUTE baby!!  smile

    By Holly on 2005 11 12

  3. So sorry you didn’t get the house.  But that baby would be cute in any house!

    By Jan on 2005 11 12

  4. She sure is purty.

    By candice on 2005 11 12

  5. ain’t that the truth.

    By texasbelle on 2005 11 12

  6. I’m sure you guys will get a good housesoon enough. In the meantime, you have your baby. Who really is a cute baby.

    By denise on 2005 11 13