Movie Love: Up

May 31, 2009

#Side Notes

We took the kids to see “Up” today. We all cried. And by we, I mean me. I’ve said a thousand billion times that I have movie love. And I do. I have that marriage where when one of us goes, passes away, forever, the other will slowly just sort of, go insane. Like TOTALLY COMPLETELY INSANE.

Or become an alcoholic.

Or both.

Which has nothing to do with the movie, necessarily, I’m just sayin’.

So my 2 yr old and my 4 yr old both sat through the entire film with my True Love sitting next to me and we would glance at each other knowingly and smile and touch hands throughout and laugh at our children’s wonder and excitement and realize that childhood is always the same.

We also used a lot of run-on sentences because sometimes a movie is so great, it gets run-on sentences.

We loved it. All of us. Baby (Toddler) O said, “MOAH! MOAH!” And LB said she liked the first part but that last part was kinda scary. And Mr. Flinger and I hugged and I cried and we said we loved each other and he called me his Ella.

And then we came home and sat on the porch together and ate Fish Tacos because it’s what we do.

I love him.

So go, please, take your family. We loved it. We’ll own it. And then we’ll make everyone we know see it. Because seriously, sometimes? Movie love? Is just that damn good.



  1. I haven’t seen it, but by all the reviews I’m hearing I’ve got to go see it.

    By perksofbeingme on 2009 05 31

  2. I so want to see it because of the dog.

    By Maria on 2009 06 01

  3. I’ve heard so many great reviews of UP, I can’t wait to see it.  HOpefully this week sometime!!!  I have no kids and no honey, so I’ll probably be watching ALONE.  LOL

    By Amazing Greis on 2009 06 01

  4. we saw it and loved it too!
    and also, I cried like a little baby. even after the movie ended.

    By ali on 2009 06 01

  5. SO want to see this movie! LOVE the new digs, btw (now that I’ve finally had the chance to get here! It’s been too long!)

    By Haley-O on 2009 06 01

  6. Aw man.  We really really want to go see it, but doubt the 11.5mo would cooperate.  Not fair.  raspberry

    By Lanna on 2009 06 02

  7. We’re going on Saturday and I CAN’T HARDLY WAIT.


    LOVE your new design.


    You didn’t show up in my Reader. Do I need to resubsrcibe?


    I love that you chose that photo of me for your mosaic.


    By Angella on 2009 06 02

  8. We wanted to go, but I’m hesitant now with everyone saying it made them cry…

    By TexasRed on 2009 06 02

  9. Dude, I totally cried at least three times during the movie, and then by the end of it I was just so…HAPPY. I can’t remember the last time I walked out of a theater beaming like that.

    By Kerri Anne on 2009 06 03

  10. hahahaha. I cry at movies too. I feel ya babe! Thanks for the info though! We’ll go see it before H leaves. Ps….get on to see Transformers! The second one is coming out SOOOOOONNNNN

    By sister flinger on 2009 06 04