Nah blow me

Nov 01, 2007

#Life#Posts that suck#{W}rite-of-passage

Last year I watched as everyone played
I wasn’t sure I could hack it
This year I thought, what the effing hey?
Maybe I’ll take a crack at it

Day one and I’m here a-trying
to write a post in rhyming
It does truly suck
but what the fuck
Nobody said I had good timing.

(You can blame Jennifer for this. I do.)

(Are you doing Nablopomo? Lemme know, yo. So I can add yer bad ass self to my lonely ass online networking dweebness. Pleaseness.)

(No more rhyming and I mean it!)

(Anyone want a peanut?)



  1. I don’t know if I can hack it.  Maybe next year.  I go days now where I don’t even get to turn my computer on!

    (Funny, because David and I get along SO MUCH BETTER on those days!)

    I think your poem is great!  I could never just pull something like that outta my ass!  BRAVO!!!!!

    By LeannIAm on 2007 11 01

  2. Sure am!!

    We made it last year and I’m determined to do it again.  Though when I realized today was the day I was all, oh shit! I totally forgot!

    Luckily it was still early.

    By Andy on 2007 11 01

  3. I’m not doing it, but thought about it!

    I am anxiously awaiting more rhyming posts of the kind that Dr. Seuss would have never published. wink

    By Jamie on 2007 11 01

  4. I am!  And I LOVE the poem!

    By Andrea on 2007 11 01

  5. I’m in for the second year in a row. Hopefully my pregnant ass can keep up. Keeping it interesting? Now that’s a whole ‘nother story.

    And, I haven’t forgotten about your question to me (remember?). I have just been swamped but promise to answer you back very soon!

    By Colleen on 2007 11 01

  6. You have me almost ready to commit to something…either that or commit YOU to something!

    You crack me up girl.

    By Sleepingmommy on 2007 11 01

  7. Dude.  I’m such a joiner.  Mom was right. 

    Hey, I’m trying to post daily anyway, might as well join something that promotes it right?

    By Sleepingmommy on 2007 11 01

  8. Yes, I am.  I rocked it last year and I had to do it again.

    By tana on 2007 11 01

  9. Lets do it together. And when I say do it, I mean, blog. Or. do it. whatevs

    By Kirdito on 2007 11 01

  10. I’m playing too. Add me as a friend. I need all I can get…

    By *pixie* on 2007 11 01

  11. Oh, just bring it girlie.

    By Dawn S. on 2007 11 01

  12. Word.  I’m there, yo.  Check up on me.

    By VDog on 2007 11 01

  13. You’re too funny.
    Kind of like a bunny.

    Ok, clearly rhyming is not my thing. But I signed up for NaBloPoMo too. And I promise I won’t rhyme in a single post.

    By thebeanblog on 2007 11 01

  14. You crack me up, lady.

    By Sarcastic Mom on 2007 11 02

  15. aw man you used my FAVORITE line from Princess Bride. you rock.

    By bananas on 2007 11 02

  16. I want a peanut or two.

    Thank you Jennifer!

    By mdvelazquez on 2007 11 02

  17. Yay for random princess bride references!! And yes, I am attempting it this year! I will be blogging from 2 different countries even. Cosmo-blogging if you will…

    By Kathies on 2007 11 02

  18. I’m in!

    By hello insomnia on 2007 11 02

  19. “Anyone want a peanut?”
    That cracked me up and reminded me of “Princess Bride.”

    You are the queen of funnery
    Now get thee to a nunnery.

    That’s all I got on a Friday babe…  smile

    By Katie Kat on 2007 11 02

  20. Yep I’m doing it. Can’t say how good it’s gonna be but… A for effort riiiight?

    By Skiplovey on 2007 11 02