No Regrets. Or. Why we need version control for life.

They always say not to have any regrets in life. Thing is? It’s hard to avoid.

There’s that time you thought the tattoo of Winnie the poo was going to be a good idea wen you were 16. There’s the night you got so drunk you told off the barmaid who happened to be your boyfriend’s sister’s ex-lover and a former heavy weight boxer. (Consolation: your black eye looked a bit like an Eeyore so you claimed a “pooh” theme.)

There’s the time you majored in Exercise and Sports Science when you MEANT to major in Computer Science. (This one I actually have done. I’ll tell you about it some day.)

And then there are the three days you spent watching Felicity in sequence that you’d gladly take back.

I have the perfect solution for this: Git: Version Control For Life.

Regretting that last breakup? Roll back to your latest commit!

Feeling unsure of your current job? Stash your employment until you gain some more confidence and come back to it.

Need a few more hands around the house? Clone yourself!

Want to spend some time dating someone? Why not Git Checkout? #raur

Ready to get married? Git merge!

Then, when the time comes, you can fork your branch and have new, baby repositories to configure and watch become whole little applications, I mean people.

See? Seriously, if god was going to redo this whole human kind malarky, I think he should start with Version Control. It even gets saved IN THE CLOUD.

God's Git

Roll back to day #5, God, and set up your repository correctly.

*PS* For those of you that might not be of a technical career, Git /ɡɪt/ is a distributed version control and source code management (SCM) system with an emphasis on speed.

In other words:

It’s like a huge-giant UNDO for teams.

Exactly, see my point? No? Ok, well, maybe I’ll go sniff some more glue…

Posted: 3/6/2013