No you can’t be president.

No you can’t be president.


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It’s been one of those weeks. The kind that I blame my parents for setting my expectations of life too high.

Why the hell did they tell me I could be anything I wanted?

That I could achieve! And that I was smart! And OH SO ABLE TO DO ANYTHING I WANT!

Unique isn't always awesome

‘Cause that’s just a mid-life crisis waiting to happen. And here I am: mid-life. crisising.

I enjoy my work. I enjoy my children. I enjoy the sunshine. But I can’t figure out where I want to live. I still don’t know exactly what I want to be when I grow up. (A woman who codes! AWESOME CODE! But .. but.. I can also do marketing! MARKETING? Wait, write a book. I’m WRITING A BOOK IN ALL CAPS!)


So as a favor to my children I’ve decided to be very very realistic with them.

“Honey, you’re very pretty. You would make a great pole dancer. You won’t have to put out any money for education AND you’ll make three times what your father and I make in a year.”

“Sweetie, yes, you very funny. Not funny enough to be a comedian, say, but maybe funny enough to work as an accountant. You might lose all your hair and drink a lot of beer. I’m just sayin’, you might want to marry early…”



  1. Not that I need to say this but that baby did not have any actual beer and this was a posed photo for funny sake only. No CPS, we don’t let our children drink beer.

    Except I think my parents did when I was two so if you want to go after them? Feel free.

    Love, Mrs. Flinger

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2011 04 15

  2. I love this.  There are days I feel like this too.  I feel like I haven’t done much with my life, but then I realize I’m too lazy to start now.  wink

    By mommabird2345 on 2011 04 15

  3. I spend my days hyper aware of this and combatting the instinct as I interact with my brilliant 4.5 year old.

    By mrs. camacho on 2011 04 15

  4. Oh, I think you got a point that effects a lot of people. Me included. Good things to think about. For me there is a main question: What do I live for? If I find a good answer to this question, then I’m able to live with all the things I can’t achieve.

    By AutumnPerception on 2011 04 18