Notes of the vagina chronicles, not mine

Feb 08, 2006


Since I’m currently not with child, despite all the pregnancy tests I seem to enjoy taking, (note to self: Buy stock in EPT) I realized how many of the Flinger Friends are either newly pregnant or about to push forth a watermelon from their hayhay. And I thought, “OH! We MUST celebrate the miracle of the hayhay! Oh, so stretchy hayhay, may you stretch and not rip and be good to the moms of those who brave the possibility of pooping on a table in front of several people they will have to look into the face of later! It’s a Party!”

So, I set up a page for those blogs who I’m currently stalking to see the title, “Water busted” or “Making like a fetus..” or “Holy shit this hurts.” You know, something to alert me to the impending sleepless nights they have coming and the celebration of the oh-so-tiny person coming into their family.

Oh, did I mention I can say all of this because I am, in fact, NOT pregnant? Can you tell I’m just a *tiny* thankful (this week) for that? :: cough ::


  1. Yep, I’m glad I’m not preggers right now either, but I’m glad that my sister is.  I get to enjoy all the fun stuff and none of the pain.  I should have tried it this way sooner…I may have never had any kids of my own. JK!

    By sarahgrace on 2006 02 08

  2. I’ll be sure to let you (and everyone) know when the big day FINALLY happens!  I’m beginning to think it will never happen.  Sigh.

    By Charla on 2006 02 08

  3. Do I count?  I don’t have a pretty and fancy blog like yours though.  smile

    By lanna on 2006 02 08

  4. You forgot Jen and Rachael! smile

    By Erin on 2006 02 08

  5. I think I have Rachael? I thought so. And Jen doesn’t have RSS so I couldn’t nab her.

    And lanna! You’re SO IN, SISTA! But.. I couldn’t find your RSS either. ??? Do y’all have it? I’ll TOTALLY add you if you do (heck, I can make a solid link but it won’t update automatically without RSS).

    What’s RSS? Email me! I’ll let you know. tongue laugh

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 02 08

  6. I have RSS? SWEET! Go me!
    You are so awesome Les. I just love ya! Lucky for me no hayhay’s will be strecthed in the bringing forth of my child. Gage will have a nice round head and I won’t have any troubles peeing. YAY for the planned C-sections!

    By Rachael on 2006 02 08

  7. Oh babies! Everyone I know is preggers or recently had a baby. EVERYONE. I am jealous.

    Thankfully I will never be on that list (unless I am the next non-virgin mary who has immaculate conception - or I am very bad and had a one nighter - NOPE!)

    By Nicole on 2006 02 08

  8. Wow, so many people are pregnant now! Almost makes me want to become pregnant. ALMOST!

    By denise on 2006 02 15