OMG, y’all.. I LOVE BEND

Nov 12, 2005

#Good News

I LUFF LUFF LUFF BEND. I love it. I do. Slap my ass and call me hippy, I LOVE BEND. I luff that everyone wears clothes like me! Columbia! Patagonia! North Face! (Ok. Fine. I only wear Columbia, but I’d wear that other stuff if we had more money. Oh, yes.. I would.)  People dress in Eddie Bauer circa 1997. People are fit here. People are nice here. People say please, and how are you? and they .. this is huge now.. CROSS THE STREET AT THE LIGHTS. For the love of Pete, I have been yelling at the stupid old fat people that cross the busiest street in Salem in black, at night, in the median. Damn fuckers. I’m going to kill one of them one day and be pissed they made me feel bad about it.

Oooops. I digress.

This town has the feeling of my college town without the college. Oh, it has a college so that I would find work, but not a “big” college. Not that I teach at a big college anyway, but you know what I mean… (you don’t? Eh, no worries.. neither do I.)

I have this really really bad habit of wanting to move all the time. Anywhere cool. Anywhere I spend thirty minutes and decide that I like. I’ve been pestering the mister to just get a job here already and let’s sell the house and just move HERE. ‘Cause look! They have lakes! And trees! And a very nice/clean/safe downtown! What a lovely place for our first born offspring to grow up in. What a nice location to learn about the outdoors and appreciate the earth the Lord hath given us! Ok, so I cheese it up a bit (read: he is barfing as we speak from my over exaggerated hyping up of Bend) but really, it is a very lovely location to be. Sadly, a whole shitload of people think that and this place is growing a wholelotta. The housing market? Booming. So what does that mean for the poor Flingers? We can’t afford squat here either. Damn. Oh well.. I guess it’s just another place to get turned down, hu.

Then again, being turned down for a house from someone all rugged and hippy-like is kinda cool. I’d take that any day over a town with three state “correction facilities.” Yes. Yes I would.


  1. We always want to move too. Ask me any day of the week and it’s somewhere new.

    By candice on 2005 11 13

  2. Well now… May I take this chance to offer a suggestion. Bend Wherever the heck that is (I do wish people would add the state for the uninformed!lOL!) sounds a lot like uh um. Nova Scotia and your American Dollars would go a lot further in Canada eh!

    By Mygirlsma on 2005 11 13

  3. You could always come over to my neck of the woods!  Hippies, transplanted Californians (some nice, some not), trees, snow, lakes, etc.  smile

    By lanna on 2005 11 13

  4. Awww Leslie you are so cute!  You will find your house and town!  It will all just fall into place.  Or not… and you can be like my parents friends that are just perfectly happy moving all the time.  Moving IS their thing and they love it, so more power to them!

    By RB on 2005 11 13

  5. your post has given me a case of the bends.

    By texasbelle on 2005 11 13

  6. HAHA.. Canadian Sadie and Texasbelle.. “Bend” as the new smurf eh? “It’s smurfy” “It’s Bendy” “the Smurfs” “the Bends”

    Interesting aint it?

    And Liesl, I’m STILL going to NS if I have to swim the long way to get there. Oh yes, I am. tongue laugh

    Candice, I am too much like you. You have no idea (or, maybe you do?)

    Lanna.. girl, it’s all dry and stuff there! What on EARTH would I do without rain nine months of the year?

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 11 13

  7. Eh, we only have sunshine 266 days of the year.
    And shoveling snow and slush is an awesome workout!  wink
    I just love where we live, and I *swore* while growing up I’d *never* become an Idahoan.  Ha.  That came back to bite me in the butt.

    By lanna on 2005 11 13

  8. Ohhh I hear ya on Bend, girly!!  seriously EVERYTHING Mrs FLinger said about Bend is true…no freakin’ joke. It has always been on our “wish we lived” list.  We are actually going there this next weekend!! it would be perfect except we are going with the inlaws…all in one house. With my annoying SIL…opps..sorry this is your blog…hehe I will have to save it for my secret one wink

    But….yes, Bend is the place to live. its beautiful, wonderful, pretty, outdoorsy, fit, beautiful, gets snow, and hot sun, and its so freaking beautiful….did I say that already?

    By Bree on 2005 11 13

  9. I agree…Bend is a cool place.  Great rock climbing/hiking down the road at Smith Rock!  I can see it as a place where housing prices would go up fast. :(

    By Amy_M on 2005 11 14