On a lighter note

Aug 02, 2005

Let’s discuss faith and politics.


No, really, I was sitting at my desk the other night playing with Yahoo Avatars when it hit me.

My avatar is cooler than I am.

And that’s just sad.



  1. Well I can see that she doesn’t represent you totally but i can see you there. Obviously she hasn’t had kids or she couldn’t wear that shirt.

    That’s the only difference! LOL wink

    By Nicole on 2005 08 02

  2. ROFLMAO..

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 08 02

  3. Well said Nicole.  She also must not have had kids, or else she had plastic surgery, becuse she has one hell of a damn skinny waist.  grin

    By traci on 2005 08 02

  4. I bet those checkers at Costco don’t harass HER!

    By Amy_M on 2005 08 03

  5. I agree with Amy_M!!  She sure doesn’t look like anyone would harrass her!  LOL 

    That’s got to be alot of work to keep up the appearance of coolness, though!  Her eyebrows must take alot of attention, as well as her hair, and walking around in heels all the time?!  Is it really worth it?!

    By Holly on 2005 08 03

  6. LOL! Whatever she looks JUST Like you. All hip with the cleveage pouring out.

    By Rachael on 2005 08 03

  7. Your avatar is a BITCH. wink I totally couldn’t hang with her. WAY too high maintenance. Now that other avatar you had in the camping gear…. we could be friends. wink

    My Yahoo avatar is pretty accurate… except I think she has bigger and much perkier boobs than me. Another lovely side effect of having had a child, apparently.


    By Erin on 2005 08 03

  8. Er… worded that wrong, somehow. The bigger perkier boobies are NOT a side effect of having had a child… the deflated, saggy ones are. That’s what I MEANT to convey.

    By Erin on 2005 08 03

  9. DAMN Woman! You kick ass! I wonder if my avatar would be friends with your avatar. bahahahaha!

    By texasbelle on 2005 08 03

  10. ROFL, Sleepingmommy. I TOTALLY knew you were trying to hit the top blabbers. I saw you there eariler today. tongue laugh

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 08 03

  11. My Avatar can kick your avatars ass.

    By RB on 2005 08 04

  12. OK…I’m a follower.  I made one, now how do I get it to you?

    By Amy_M on 2005 08 11

  13. Amy.. just send me your Yahoo IM handle (sounds like a really bad cheesy pickup line)

    I’ll add you!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 08 11