On fifteen minutes

Oct 27, 2011

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“Mamma, will you play with me?” There are three other children at school outside playing under the careful eye of their pre-school teacher. I briefly consider the deadlines, the emails, the phone calls. “Yes, Buddy, I will.” His face lights up and he runs to select a ball from the bin. We play “kick the ball” which could also be called soccer if we were a little more agile.

At first we are tame, kicking softly, rolling the light red ball across the cement in the covered area back and forth from my large feet to his tiny ones. One of us kicks it a bit too hard and the other laughs as the ball bounces off the divider and the wall. We kick with a twirl. We kick with both feet after jumping. We kick until the ball flies over our heads and we giggle. I am there, at the preschool, in the crisp autumn air with my son laughing while the inbox sits and the clock relents.

Finally it is time for me to leave. I hug, I kiss, I smother with so much love I hope he holds on to me forever. I pull away in my car and I see his small familiar face peering out from the fence. He waves, I wave, he blows a kiss and I blow one back. He signs I love you and as I sign it back my eyes fill with tears of gratitude and thanksgiving. Sometimes fifteen minutes can heal even the most busy of todo lists.


  1. And, somehow, now I feel better, too smile

    By Liz@thisfullhouse on 2011 10 27

  2. Forever, these moments live forever.

    By amandamagee on 2011 10 28

  3. This post brought little tears to my eyes.My 4 yr old often asks me to stay and do some ‘work’ with her at the beginning of the day. Sometimes I really *must* get to a meeting or appt, but I stay 5 or 10 mins just because I know it is so important to her.

    By Leena Prindle on 2011 10 31

  4. Crying at 7:30 in the morning. Damn you, Flinger!!

    By Bejewell on 2011 11 04