One of those times where I’m bored to tears. Hand me a tissue.

Jun 12, 2006

You know how you have a million CDs (or now-a-days, gigabytes of music) and you can listen to the first two seconds of every song and be bored with it? You know how you have a million things to do at work, can be standing in front of your classroom teaching and be bored? You know how you are playing the same game with your toddler, the one where you chase her and she runs away screaming while you yell, “Let’s put your shirt on. Come here, LB. I mean it. Let’s get you dressed so we can leave the house. COME HERE!” and be tired of your life as you know it?

It’s not just me is it?

I think this is what happens when I’m happy. Maybe I’m not used to the blissful feeling of loving my life. My job? LIke it. My family? Love ‘em. My child? Playing happily. My husband? Being adorable. Why do I keep phrasing sentences as questions? You’re guess is as good as mine.

I think this is why in college I called myself a “free spirit.” Really, I’m not a free spirit, I’m easily bored. I can use this to my advantage, at times, if I really want to. Like this morning I took my new new programming book to the gym and came up with six new things to beef up my designs with.  As far as a career goes, this quality bodes well as I’m always learning something new and since I’m in a field that changes roughly every .28 seconds (as fast as a page load).

On the other hand, in terms of sitting still and watching a two hour movie, not so much me. In terms of not moving every nine months, not me either. In terms of waking up, doing the routine, and going to bed… well, as much as I love our routine, I’m needing a shake-me-up.

Anyone wanna drive to San Fransisco with me? Damn that price of gas and hitchhiking being so 1963. It’s probably a little less poetic to hitch with a toddler, a car seat, a pac-n-play and six elmos, two computers, an iPod….


  1. Im bored too- want to meet me in Dallas?  We can go get drunk.  Of course things are about to start changing shortly.  Have to get the boy moved into the new condo and slowly get my parents used to the idea of me getting married and not being around the house anymore.  fun.

    By sara on 2006 06 12

  2. What and no mac? I am totally there with you. I wonder how I can be so bored sometimes with as much crap as we do every week. Even while I am sitting and working I have my Sudoku puzzle for those 15 seconds between screens. Seriously - I must keep moving!

    How the hell have you been anyways????

    By Nicole on 2006 06 12

  3. Ah, I totally relate to this post. I have been back home for almost 10 years, (3 different house though), and before that we moved every couple. I need to move, or a change of scenery, or something. I just crave change, unlike most people. I think it’s the adrenaline, I’m an adrenaline junky too.

    By erika on 2006 06 12

  4. My hubs is that way…he has kept us moving all these years with that adventure seeking spirit of his.  I love that about him, but I’ve also made him SWEAR we are not moving again any time soon.  Little ol’ me just can’t take it anymore.  grin  I prefer my adventure seeking in the form of a nice vacation to some place new and then returning home again to the familiar and routine!

    By Carolyn on 2006 06 12

  5. When I was a kid, I got bored easily, but not so much now.  Every once in awhile I DO get bored though, and then it’s very aggravating, because even things that I usually like to do (read, work on crafts, watch a movie, etc.) are just not that interesting.  For the most part though, I like to think I am content with my life.

    By Holly on 2006 06 12

  6. Vacations are always great when you get a little bored with life.

    Don’t drive to SF, just check out the web specials for Alaska Airlines.  They usually have awesome ones for SF.

    By Isabel on 2006 06 12

  7. I don’t get bored nearly as easily as I did when I was a kid either. I kind of like boring. Right now there is too much change and upheaval in my life to be bored!

    By JC on 2006 06 12

  8. I change something in my apartment at least once a week so that I can enjoy a change of scenery.  So is this a subtle way of saying your moving again?

    By dizzymizzy on 2006 06 12

  9. I was raised a military brat, so I grew up moving alot, so now I have to move every couple of years, even if it’s just 10 minutes down the road!

    By jessie on 2006 06 12

  10. Hey, I have a vacation place for ya! wink

    By Kerry on 2006 06 12

  11. Oh girl…I have been in such a rut lately and super antsy and then I feel guilty because I think of how much is awesome in my life. I’ve even had the itch to MOVE. We’ve been in our house 6 years now and even the hubby has the itch to get the hell out of Dodge. Let’s rent a convertible and road trip! I’ll bring the cool mix CDs and the Bit O Honey.

    By Jamie on 2006 06 13

  12. Funny how you mention the music thing!  We have thousands of cd’s, yet I’m bored with every one of them.

    By monkeygirl on 2006 06 13