Proud to be the bacon - or alternate title: If I was gay I’d totally be in heaven right now

You know how silly these things are, right? Especially when there’s a list for the list after the list of 50 best mommy bloggers (which, frankly, I am so proud to see so many of my friends on there because yea, I have great taste and it’s obviously all about me), so really this is the list for like, the 51st - 100th best mommy blogger?

Dude. Rawkin’ the Bacon.

See, during this brief moment in time, before word gets out there and people actually take notice that this list exists and that you can vote once a day, I’ve snuck in between two of my most favorite, most adored bloggers out there. The Bloggess and SesameEllis.


Do not ask me how this is possible. I. Do. Not. Know.

What I do know, is that I had to take a screenshot of this before it goes away. I needed something to show off at all the parties I’ll be going to, “Remember that one time? I was the bacon in the SesameEllis/Blogess sandwich?” And people will laugh and say, “ooh, Leslie, you love to toss big names around, don’t ya” and I’ll pull out my iPhone and go, “NO IT IS REAL SEE?”

And when I have no friends left, I will have is this screen-shot to share a glass of whiskey with.

But, seriously, people, what this says to me is that a) mygodthankyou for the people who have thumbed me b) obviously not enough people realize you can thumb more than one person and trust me I’ve thumbed them all and c) I’m the bacon.


Here is my ode to this love sandwich that I just made up on the spot. I do that.

:: clears throat ::

You can be my bread
and I will be your fat
I’ll be the sizzle
in your ratta-tat-tat

I’ve loved you both long time
an honored to be between
I’m full of flavor, artificial and natural
I’m nitrates extra lean.

The next time I go check
I know this won’t be the case
so let me now, so briefly
enjoy this bloggy race.

Bbb-acon I love to be your Bacon.
(that’s the chorus)
(repeat chorus)

You can call me a fanatic
you can call me nuckingfutz
Either way is a-ok!
Just don’t call me cold cutts
Because ...

I’m your Bbb-acon.. I love to be your bacon.
(repeat chorus)

P.S. You can go vote your brains out for Heather, too, who is leading this with a good solid 1-2 punch as is rightly so. Also, check out the list. Lots of great reads. Find one, love one, thumb ‘em all. Pass it on.

Here’s to being the 54th best blog! heh.

Posted: 11/1/2010