Raise your hand: Don’t you love posts of questions and little content?

Aug 13, 2007

There’s this fantastic thing about blogging. (And why I’ll never stop, you silly, I might just need to go to a corner and think really hard about my content from time to time. Or! I know! Post long run-on sentences and questions. Always with the questions, this one is…) It’s the feedback you people give even when it’s ... say ... one, no two, o’clock in the morning.

Here, let’s make it all official like with bullets. BULLETS!

  1. Baby O seems to have developed a natural order to his sleeping at night. He craves, as in screams his head off if we don’t abide, going to bed at about 7-ish. He sleeps pretty well until one o’clock for a bottle. Usually (shooting myself in the foot now and knocking on every piece of wood in the house) goes back to sleep, eats again at 4ish and then 7ish again. This is annoying for a twleve week old, who, I know I know, is only just today turning two months old from his due date. Got it. But still? At two months? And twelve pounds? To get up twice? This ain’t right is it. Or is it? My memory is failing me.
  2. What is your feeling on icons for profile pictures? I’m not afraid to show you who I am so if we met on the playground you could run up to me and say, “OHMAHGAH, I LOVE your website! I’m a HUGE fan of yours! I’ve been reading since, like, last week! Please sign my bra.” But still, I tend to use this cute lil’ icon for my profile shots and thought some feedback might be in order. Annoying? Cute? Who-cares-where-is-my-damn-coffee-already?
  3. Sites that make tasteful use of the f-bomb, yes or no?
  4. I only make tasteful use of the f-bomb. (This is a subliminal suggestion. Not so much a question.)
  5. Have you commented on the “I love my son more than my daughter” post? Because if you have, I luff you. I big-puppy-dog-lick love you.
  6. How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop tootsie roll?

The world may never know.

And, finally, not really a question. Just because I can:

Isn’t he cute?



  1. Simon was 13 weeks on Friday and was sleeping and waking up only once a night for quite awhile there… then about two weeks ago, started with the two times a night again. (usually 11:30 and 4’ish). JUSt last night for the first time in many days, he only woke up once (at 4). I really think it’s just a growth spurt/phase they go through. Have you ever checked out the book The Wonder Weeks? It’s awesome. There is a wonder week between 11 and 13 weeks, just btw… (WW are developmental leaps that reak all kinds of havoc on sleep/independence/mood…. but they pass!! Quickly!) smile

    By Erin on 2007 08 13

  2. Okay, so weird. I just looked for that book on Amazon and it’s apparently a collectors item now. WTF is that about? I just got it three years ago! Anyway, I’ll scan in the chapter for you if you want. wink

    By Erin on 2007 08 13

  3. 1. No help, I don’t have kids of my own.  Babysit A. LOT. and have since I was 11, but rarely overnight for a wee tiny one.
    2. I [heart] pictures of any kind, quite honestly.  And also?  When I finally make it to Seattle to visit my best friend next year, I might just haunt playgrounds hoping for a Flinger Sighting.
    3. Yes, since I like this description of my own usage of the very helpful word.  Although I tend to drop it more when I’m ranting about something or someone—does that take away the tasteful?
    4. Agreed. smile
    5. I…honestly don’t remember.  It’s early over here on the East Coast.
    6. I’m sure there’s some sort of equation for that, but I don’t know it.  Hee.

    And I know I don’t know either you or your husband IRL, but from pics I’ve seen, Baby O is really the perfect combination of the two of you.  Seriously.

    By dancing_lemur on 2007 08 13

  4. 1. Sam was up twice a night until 8 or 9 months, sadly. He still got up once a night until just before his first birthday. I am hoping against all hopes that #2 isn’t like that. On the plus side, now at 18 months, he sleeps 13-14 hours a night uninterrupted and takes a 2 hour nap each afternoon.

    2. Either is fine, I think, as long as the icons aren’t too sugary. Yours is not, by the way! I use a photo, but you can only see my face and it’s small. Not out of concern, but because it just worked. I say do whatever makes you happy!

    3. Looking over my last few posts, I would have to say a resounding YES!

    5. I didn’t comment on that post because it scared me a little! My baby boy is on the verge of becoming a big brother to a little sister, and I keep pushing things like this into my subconscious! Maybe I’ll revisit in a few months.

    6. I can’t think of anything clever for this one.

    And finally, Adorable!

    By Amy Jo on 2007 08 13

  5. K, don’t change your icon, because I always associate it with you and if you change it, I’ll get screwed up. Good enough reason? I use an icon too… if people come to my site, they will see a picture of me..

    2 months and getting up twice. I’d say that’s GREAT! I’d enjoy it and not worry about it, 12lbs, I’d say he’s getting enough to eat!

    Glad you’re not leaving!

    By sam on 2007 08 13

  6. 1. It’s hard for me to remember, as my baby just turned 5 ... but I know she didn’t sleep all the way through the night until a few days shy of her 1st birthday. I think getting up twice at his age is not unusual for Baby O.
    2. I like the cute little icons better then the even-if-I-squint-I-can’t-see-this face. And yeah ...  where is my coffee?
    3. F@#(* yeah!
    4. I know. wink
    5. Yes. And I love all of the other comments too. Thanks for being so brave and starting the conversation!
    6. My son counted up to 8,000 one weekend. I think I still have the partially eaten tootsie pop in my fridge.

    By Foxy6 on 2007 08 13

  7. 1. Only twice a night already!?  That’s awesome!  All I remember about that time was that I was up for an hour every 3 hours or so.  I was pumping so I’d feed her, put her back down, pump, wash everything, then go back to sleep for a couple hours.  Every time.  It wasn’t until Abby was a few months old that I thought to buy extra pump parts.  I blame not sleeping.
    2.  Sure.  I like your icons.
    3.  Cursing doesn’t bother me at all.  Sometimes, that’s the only way to truly express how you’re feeling.
    4. Always!
    5.  I didn’t comment, but it really hit home with me.  I don’t have 2 kids yet, but Abby and I tend to grate on each other now that she’s in the throes of the “terrible two’s.”  I realized the other day that the reason she irritates me so much sometimes is because she’s just like me.  The aspects of her personality that seem to irritate me the most are those that are reflected back on me. 
    6. 846

    By BrandiB on 2007 08 13

  8. Oh, so very cute! BTW 4 months no better. Our little man is still getting up at 3:30 and 6:47. This of course is after teasing us for a few days by sleeping the 11 hrs straight. Oh and growth spurts…ugh shoot me! Two weeks ago he was getting up every two hours. We had a long talk and thats done for, but he didn’t make any promises for next month.

    By Veronica on 2007 08 13

  9. Two things - I like your icon. 

    And the f-bomb?  Hell, yes.  When I started blogging, I was afraid to use it for fear I would offend someone, but I’m a big believer in writing how you speak and I do use the F-bomb while speaking.  A lot.  And if someone doesn’t like it, I figure they are free to read another blog.  Just my 2 cents.

    By andi on 2007 08 13

  10. You’re lucky. My 24 pound 10 month old is going through Week 46 Wonder Week and I am DYING - here is her schedule:
    - down at 8pm (it takes about an hour to get her to settle for sleep), sleep for 3 or 4 hours
    - wake up at midnight, nurse, complain that I’m putting her in the crib at the foot of our bed now….nurse back to sleep again. Complain. Nurse again. Complain. Nurse again. Sleep until 2am.
    - Wake at 2am with some gas. Nurse. Scream bloody murder about the crib. Nurse. Jump and bounce up and down while nursing. Wake self up completely. 45 minutes later, go back to a shallow sleep.
    - spend the next 2 hours waking with a yell every 10-20 minutes.
    - at 5am, I fold and bring her back to bed with me. Nurse/sleep for 2 more hours. Up for the day.
    - Naps are no more than 40 minutes, and it takes that long nursing to get her to even close her eyes.

    Enjoy your sleep now while you can, because the 4-5 month growth spurt is heinous.

    By Laura on 2007 08 13

  11. Questions, huh?

    1. Yes…Baby O is doing it about the way it’s typically done. Oh the misery. I had PTSD type flashbacks when I read your description. Thing is, with Son he had just begun sleeping through the night (until nearly 6 am) at about 5 months of age (I think he’d phased down to just being up once per night until just before 5 months of age). Then, since I was breastfeeeding exlusively still, we figured out he was ready for some solid food, as he started waking up every freakin’ three hours again. I don’t remember how long we went through that. I’d have to check my blog archives to see. But it was so miserable. I do NOT do well on NO sleep!

    2. I don’t have any strong opinions on profile icons. I haven’t managed to get a photo or an icon connected to my own profile yet. It’s been on my “I oughta get around to that” list for a very long time.

    3. Honest feedback on the f-bomb…. It tends to be a turn-off for me. NOTHING PERSONAL, please! I just think it sounds immature and unsophisticated, and it always makes me cringe…and, quite honestly, I never experience its use as “tasteful.” But I only say so because you asked, and I’m SO NOT judging you or anyone else! Just my honest opinion. Also, I used the word “ass” in front of a class I was teaching at a large Christian university and apparently offended a student who accused my of cussing in front of the class. I was so blown away because I don’t consider ass a cuss word. So…I’m really not a prude. Just hate the f-bomb.

    5. I confess I commented on your “I love my son….” post, but deleted it because it went off on a BIG tangent of my own stuff and by the time I was done I realized that it was a complete long winded post of my own that probably belonged on my own blog, and by posting the comment, I would essentially be jacking your blog. So I deleted it. Then I was too tired to write a more succinct and more appropriate comment, so I gave up.

    6. I have no idea. I’ve never been a fan of those things. The so called “chocolate” in the center always seemed like a rip-off to me. I never thought tootsie rolls counted as chocolate. Misrepresentation, if you ask me.

    By MGM on 2007 08 13

  12. P.S. on the f-bomb thing. I have stopped reading some blogs because of its use, mainly when it is overused and when I get more irritation out of reading it than is worth the effort. You, however, I love to read your stuff, so I keep coming back. I totally agree that you and anyone else is free to say what they please on their own blog space and that if someone doesn’t like it they can go away. Also, I’ve been known to use the term “freakin’” for emphasis on occasion, which is obviously a derivative of the f-bomb, so some could argue that my issue with the original form is Pollyanna. What can I say, I just hate the word. And once again, it seems I’m in the minority. Sothereyago.

    By MGM on 2007 08 13

  13. Dudette,
    my son is 2 weeks shy of a year and he still wakes up 2 times at night.  Consider yourself lucky!
    And as for the tootsie pop question, the answer is 107 licks.  Give or take 10.

    By Mrs. Mustard on 2007 08 13

  14. Ok, now I’m gonna have to hunt you down just so I can run up to you at a playground and shout, “OHMAHGAH, I LOVE your website! I’m a HUGE fan of yours! I’ve been reading since, like, last week! Please sign my bra.”  Seriously.  Operation stalk Mrs. Flinger has begun.

    By Absolutely Bananas on 2007 08 13

  15. My God—I’d forgotten that you have to get up at night with babies. Sheesh. Good thing I stopped having them cuz I’m grouchy as hell at night. Even more so than during the day. Sounds like he’s putting himself on a little schedule, awesome. My son did that, too, and I’m still reaping the benefits. My girl was, is, and always will be, random with the patterns.

    I’m using my cat’s eye for my icon, because he has a bigger fan club than I do. And his eyes sorta look like mine.

    “Please sign my bra.” You have taken blogging to new heights with that sentence.

    I’d have you sign my bra, if I was wearing one. How about my boob, instead?

    By Wacky Mommy on 2007 08 13

  16. I don’t think you really want to know how long it has taken Milo and Huck (2 yrs) to stop waking up twice a night. I also don’t think you want to know that Huck woke up at 2am last night and started calling, “Momeeeee” as if it were the middle of the day. Insert tasteful use of f-bomb here.

    Here’s the action figure. http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/looflirpa/megan-doll.shtml

    By Megan on 2007 08 13

  17. My 15mo (yes, 15 months old) goes down for the night between 8-9pm, whenever we get our *bleep* together.  Wakes up at midnight or 1-2am for boobs, sometimes again at 4-5am for boobs, and 7-8am for boobs.  My 3.5yo didn’t officially start sleeping through the night until past 2yo, and by then I was knocked up again and peeing through the night anyway.  I miss sleep.

    By lanna on 2007 08 13

  18. 1. I’d say it’s normal - 3 hours between feedings in the early am seems fine.  ...but then, my girl slept from 10p-5a from about 8 weeks to 7mos, so I don’t have much “normal” to go by.
      2. No preference.  I just kinda ignore avatar-type things anyways.
      3. Huh?
      4. If you say so.  wink
      5. Not yet - still thinking on it.  I totally agree with the complementary/balance thing - it makes sense.  ...but my girl is Just.Like.Me., which helps lots for knowing exactly what she’s going to get into and reading her mind.  only drives me a little crazy.
      6. 99, if you’re just counting licks til you hit the tootsie roll part.  I counted once when I was 12.  Because I am easily entertained by such things.

    By superherokaren on 2007 08 13

  19. I love the f-bomb.  I always use an ass-terisk when I say it in my blog, for fear of creepy google searchers…which is funny cause I’ve talked about some pretty graphic stuff that brings in creepy google searchers anyway.

    I’m not a liberty to discuss how my baby is sleeping for I fear the wrath of the sleeping Gods. 

    Baby O sounds pretty normal.

    I like your icon.  I use the buckethead icon and have thought of changing it, but I think people identify me with it.  I post enough pics of myself as it is.

    By Jennifer on 2007 08 13

  20. Of course he’s cute!

    By SaraS-P on 2007 08 13