Reality Check

Jan 31, 2010


I know in the large scheme of things, this will all seem like an over-dramatic reenactment of some time in our life we’ll totally forget. I know there are bigger worries. I’m reminded daily watching one of my dearest friends stay positive in a high risk pregnancy waiting for a blood clot three times the size of her baby to dissolve. I see my sister face a year without her husband as he gets deployed to Korea. I know my mom is going in for surgery on her shoulder and ultimately her neck where they take a piece of bone from her leg and use it to provide space between her vertebrate.

I get this and I’m thankful that this is not a loss of a person, but a house. As upset as my family is, we keep our perspective and we’re thankful.

I do so appreciate all your advice. I feel so Meg Ryan from “You’ve Got Mail” but with a much worse haircut and much less grace. “Go to the Mattresses” “Fight. FIGHT FIGHT.” The end result may not change, but it will not be because I didn’t try.


I’m armed with some names and a few lenders to try. I know that if anything truly horrid ever happened, I’d come back here and find comfort and support. It’s what you do, “you”, the “interwebz”. But it’s more than that. The community of bloggers jumps at the chance to lift up someone in pain and I will always reciprocate that knowing how much your words have meant.


  1. YES!  Go to the mattresses!!!

    By pgoodness on 2010 01 31

  2. Thinking of you, hon, and hoping for GOOD NEWS tomorrow!!

    By daysgoby on 2010 01 31

  3. A problem’s a problem, now matter how small (and yours is definitely NOT small). There will always be bigger problems to compare ours to, but that makes them no less difficult to bear. Nothing over-dramatic about it at all! Vent away, and we will be here to listen. *hug*

    On a side note, my husband had the surgery your mom is getting, but on his neck/spine. They were supposed to use bone from his hip, but they ended up using bone from a bone bank (which I didn’t even know existed). Everything went smoothly and he healed well. I know your mom will do just fine! smile

    By BlondeBlogger on 2010 01 31

  4. Good Good!  I like this…

    Feel free to add me to your list….we moved to the opposite corner of the country 3.5 yrs ago and I’m still hating it so very much. (Really don’t like the word “hate” but this is the right one for this case.)

    I am working on having this attitude… I have doing everything in my power to get us out of here.  Work it! Work it!

    By KC Star on 2010 01 31

  5. OH YES, go to the mattress.

    Fight, Fight, Fight!

    By Oma Flinger on 2010 01 31

  6. I somehow missed the news about the house (I went back and read the other post). I’m so sad for you!!! Fight, fight, fight!

    I *really* hope you get it, girl!!

    (Sheila from Bothell Moms)

    By Sheila on 2010 01 31

  7. In true Flinger fashion, she rallies with a fresh perspective and a fight to the death attitude, knowing she is loved (even by strangers.) grin

    By CitricSugar on 2010 01 31

  8. Hoping all is well, my friend.

    By Liz@thisfullhouse on 2010 02 02

  9. LOVE.

    Fight fight FIGHT. It’s all you can do.

    By Victoria on 2010 02 02

  10. I’m hoping a couple of business days under your belt have brought you much desired answers.

    (That totally sounded like a fortune cookie. I’m not sure why.)

    By patois on 2010 02 02

  11. Still sending positive vibes.

    By leigh on 2010 02 03